Starcraft 2 Gameplay - Protoss vs. Terrans - E-Stars Seoul 2009

The StarCraft 2 South Korean E-Stars Seoul 2009 event revealed a new gameplay video of a battle between Protoss vs. Terrans. The video isn't the best in quality but it does give an idea of how fast pace and aggressive Starcraft 2 multiplayer will be.

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Mr_Controversy3341d ago

Every company should just stop making games for the PC. Solitaire rules all.

-Mezzo-3341d ago

I so damn agree with you .lol

Panthers3341d ago

This game looks so freakin great. Hurry up and release it!

pippoppow3341d ago

Haven't played an RTS game in a long while. Will definitely pick this up. Good thing Blizzard has not gone console crazy and release a dumbed down RTS for the console masses in mind. Since the PS3 supports a mouse/keyboard setup, it may be possible to port the game without any changes but I'm sure PC sales will be more than enough. Can't wait to play as my favs the Terrans. I wish they would have kept some of the characters from the first but this game will still be great.

Grandreaper99993340d ago

I'm pretty sure most of the storyline characters are coming back. Even Raynor is back with his original voice actor.

TotalPS3Fanboy3341d ago

Still piss off at no lan option. Basically, what Blizzard is doing is encouraging piracy.

Consumers will have two choices.

1. Buy Starcraft 2 and get NO LAN or...
2. Pirate Starcraft 2 for FREE and GET LAN.

Wow. It'll be a very though choice for consumers to make.