Xbox 360 Elite sold out at has sold out of pre-orders for Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360 Elite. The e-tailer began taking orders for the new hardware product on Thurs.

The new Elite hardware, which includes HDMI and a 120GB hard drive sold out within hours of release.

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Robotz Rule4249d ago

I think this is ment to happen at console lauches/preorders.My Xbox 360 is still sharp and running!,but I wanna get my hands on a Elite as soon as possible!I'm really diggin' the black & green color combination,ahh.....takes me back a few years!LOL:)

Kastrol4249d ago

Its just has a hdmi and bigger hard drive and its in black but the white looks better

What’s all the hysteria about

Hayabusa 1174248d ago

Apparently, not the rip-off you thought it was.

NextGen24Gamer4249d ago (Edited 4249d ago )

So now when I watch HD dvd's I will get the True digital 1080p signal for my movies....Games I most likely won't see a major difference due to the fact that the componant cables aready were displaying the 1080p that case the image will just be a tad sharper and deeper colors....Nothing major for games. Movies is where my excitement is at. I have over 100 HD dvd's and now I can view them in True 1080p via HDMI.

The larger hard drive and Black color is just a bonus for me. I would have paid the 80 dollar difference just to have HDMI output and Cable. Thats what makes the 480 a good deal for "ME". Official HDMI calbes for the ps3 are 60 dollars. I'm counting down the hours too. And the Lakers won on Thursday. This is a Great weekend.

Sexius Maximus4249d ago (Edited 4249d ago )

Projection, Plasma and LCD TVs convert ALL incoming signals to analog just before it hits the screen...NO MATTER what. A DLP is the ONLY (maybe the new Sony SXRD) TV that accepts a digital signal and keeps it that way. DLP is the only true digital TV technology, all others convert to analog at the last stage just before viewing (just FYI) I have to laugh at all the Sony guys saying "HDMI is better because it's digital", when in reality they need a DLP for it to really matter.

EDIT: See my comment below.

bung tickler4249d ago

thanks for that info.. i never knew that... as a owner of 2 50" Sammy DLP's it makes me happy to know i when with the right tech.

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The story is too old to be commented.