Mac OS X vs Windows Vista: Elizabethan Duel

Inspired by Apple's recent TV ads, CNET UK have set up their own debate over the two operating systems in the unlikely form of a traditional Elizabethan duel. On one side we have the big and brash "Baron Vista", on the other the well-moisturised "Count OS X" both of which are trying to win the hand of the fair "Maiden Mainstream".

Don't worry, despite the settings and characters, the article is very comprehensive and covers the expected areas such as Performance, Security and Usability. All the time keeping the Elizabethan setting going with the text and photos of the "characters" in battle.

A modern tale, told in a traditional way, if you will.

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Neutral Gamer4250d ago

They both have certain features that the other one lacks and they both exhibit idiosyncratic annoyances as well. The real concern should be that most people will never get to even try Mac OS as it only works on an Apple Mac.

At least Apple users can dual boot and get the best of both worlds. If Apples weren't so expensive and lacked the variety of decent graphics cards I'm sure a lot more of us would go for the stylish looks of an iMac for example with the application choice of a Windows operating system.

Now that the Pound / Dollar exchange rate is so good for us Brits, I think I'm gonna give into temptation and grab myself a cheap Apple when I visit my sister in the US later this year. You really can get a massive saving.

Hopefully, customs won't notice that 30" Apple Cinema display in my (very large) suitcase ...

snoop_dizzle4250d ago

that is the disadvantage for macs, gaming.

But anyways, other than the mac, im not that big on apple. I dont really like the i-pod, id rather have a creative zen, and i dont like i-tunes.

I used to use it a lot but now i use windows media player 11.

I know that kinda sound kinda worthless but i like music alot so my media player really has to be good.

As for other stuff like my creative xfi-xtreme music card, it probably wouldn't work on a mac. but i could be wrong.

Either way, id stick with windows because 1 i haven't really had any problems with windows aside form one computer, but that was because i was messing around with it, and 2 its what im used to.

ITR4250d ago

Don't need a sound card with the built in optical out. Get support for 5.1 audio for dolby and dts.

I've got mine hooked to Klipsch speakers.

I'm not sure about mine, but for the Mac Pros you can get like 7-8 different graphics cards.
I'm using an old 9600 XT. My Mac about 3 yrs old now.

calderra4250d ago

I used my iPod to connect to iTunes to download some iContent adn iPhotos and iFilm for my iTV and my iSpreadsheets and iCry each night before iSleep. Seriously, it's getting just a liiiiitle pretentious at this point.

Point: Vista works. For basically anything you pick up. End of story. So long as you don't mind submitting to the will of Gates.

Point: Mac works. So long as you don't mind every single program on your computer having just a little of Steve Jobs' e-penis rubbing off on you.

Your choice, really.
(And I'm currently dual-booting Vista, so don't even go there....)

snoop_dizzle4250d ago (Edited 4250d ago )

you should be fine.

Its really just what youre used to and preference. Both OS's are good. Unless youre into gaming, then youll want to go Msoft.

Hey im giving the PS3 time, i might as well give Vista time as well.

I just cant wait till the apple console!

Neutral Gamer4250d ago

Haha, that's a funny video snoop!

We may not be laughing so hard when it becomes a reality in a few years though ...

snoop_dizzle4250d ago (Edited 4250d ago )

Apple could do something big.

theres this other series of mac/windows/linux spoof

Here it is. Well one of the vids at least. These are funny.

I suggest looking for more of these on youtube.

Thats the last vid i'm posting btw.

also if you want more, type in "Mac Spoof: Networking" in youtube and watch that video and the related ones as well.

Dragonopolis4250d ago (Edited 4250d ago )

Macs have nothing in common with Linux except maybe "ix" part. See the real Mac was forged from the fires of BSD. (he-he!)

Perhaps the real reason OS X tiger lost is because of in the distance a rag tag group of software was planning their escape. As a young boy by the name of Leopard looks off into the distance as OS Tiger and Vista dual. Tiger looks and sees the young boy looking at the duel and lifts his pistol at the last second. The young boy was his knight in training, a boy by the name of Leopard. After Leopard saw his teacher and friend fall (and thinking him dead) lets out a series of Blast from his much more modern and powerful pistol. The blast takes out most of the unseen guards surrounding the area. The blast hits Vista but his armor protects him but not the ugly maiden that forsakened Tiger (and probably for the better). Leopard was ready to go head-to-head with Darth... I mean Baron Vista. However, Leopard's training is not complete and will not become a Full Knight until October. Leopard doesn't care, and must avenge his Master but as he steps forward a little voice in his head says.....

run Leopard .........

Leopard and all the software that came from the force rides off and escapes the dreaded Death Castle.

Next episode:
As the now mobile Death Castle moves to the Rebel Base of
iPhone can Leopard's incomplete training be strong enough to yield the force and save the Rebel Base from destruction and if not will our new young software heroes survive. Stay tune for the next encounter and...

May the force be with you all. ( Theme music that sounds strangely familiar - like the theme to Star Wars or something)

Neutral Gamer4250d ago (Edited 4249d ago )

Wow, maybe you should be a writer or something ...

I can understand what you're saying about Leopard, just waiting for Apple to announce what those "hidden features" are.

ITR4250d ago

I like it because it so true.

I'm waiting on Leo in Oct...then I'm buying a new Mac Book Pro.
My 6 yr old PB just died.

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