1UP: The King of Fighters 12 Review

1UP writes: "My heart beats faster and my fingers tremble violently. I can't hold my joystick steady; I'm too caught up in the moment.

I just rage quit my last -- and final -- ranked match in King of Fighters 12.

I'm not angry with the opponent, though. I'm angry -- no, furious -- over the atrocious lag. Horrible latency issues complicate and exacerbate the online experience to a point where games are unplayable, unbearable, and unwelcome. Playing in such awful conditions will test your temperament, and your patience with SNK Playmore's handling of KOF12's transition from the arcade to the console. SNK touts KOF12 as the rebirth of a franchise, a reinterpretation of the entire series from new character designs to new gameplay mechanics. But will fans accept these changes?"

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GameGambits3277d ago

I'm taking my copy back to Gamestop today with a receipt before the 7 days are up. I was told by an employee there to get it at his recommendation and the game was already opened. I'm confident I can b*tch my way into a full refund for this heap of junk so I can just get something else.

Do not buy this game. It sucks more than Mark Wahlberg's rap career.