Empire: Total War and History - Wellington Never Had to Put Up with This

UGO writes: "Playing Empire: Total War, I'm struck by how its problems mirror those that cropped up historically. Both Creative Assembly and the militaries it has tried to model mastered the pre-gunpowder art of war, and they used systems that were effective in controlling legions of swordsmen, archers, and mounted cavalry. While early gunpowder units operated alongside these troops as the feudal era drew to a close, they were rarely as effective as a unit of spearmen or bowmen, and they didn't need to play a very large role."

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Lucreto3306d ago

I love Empire: Total War games but I didn't get this one due to the fact it is on Steam. It removed some of the fun in the older games with the cheats. I enjoy playing as the English faction with my army of elephants to take over Europe.

Tribunal3306d ago (Edited 3306d ago )

the game is really good if you get it working. i was lucky enough to not have any problems, but i heard lots were having serious problems.

about the article, i dunno about him by my navy got as experienced as it gets. but the land units do take a little longer, but they don't get decimated i would like to see how this guy plays lol cause its not really that bad and i play it on the hardest difficulty (btw the ai aint that smart).

Agent VX3306d ago

I "lovED" the game until it stopped working. This will be the last game I buy that has to be activated from the internet for my PC. I will just stop gaming, or play old games instead.

The game will not start, I have reinstalled my video card drivers, reinstalled steam, did a system restore and the game will still not start.

The game is great like usual (Total War series), but unfortunately will be the last game I support from this company if they insist on putting it on steam or some gaming hub like it. They got my money this time, but won't get it next. I will definitely do my research before buying any game from now on.

Our Freedoms and Rights are getting trounced on with company's like Steam, don't support this invasion of privacy as I will no longer support.

FarEastOrient3306d ago

This game is one of my favorites and yes there are updates and fixes still being made to make it right. I'm hoping that many for fixes can be made and that they figure something out that can be used in an expansion pact. "Napoleonic Wars" anyone, this would be a great to figure an advanced tactics system and AI system to cover the various tactics used for that time period.

ThanatosDMC3306d ago

It sucks after my laptop couldnt use the Tilde key anymore. Raising and keeping an army is hard.

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gameforall3306d ago

I hate that the AI cheats,
Playing as Great Britain and was winning so the AI decides to bring on the American Revolution early, 1707 for Christ's sake, 24 year before George Washington was born

aGameDeveloper3306d ago

I've owned and played every Total War game and expansion. I have not enjoyed Empire as much as Rome or Medieval 2. A couple of reasons beyond the ones the author mentioned:

Unit Distinction: In the previous games, the units felt very distinct, with the archers, swordsmen, horsemen, chariots, elephants, etc., which made making use of their differences challenging and interesting. In Empire, it feels like you have three options: guns, guns on horses, and guns on ships. Sure, there are variations in each, but it's just not the same.

Fighting unit formations: Say you have three ranks of 20 soldiers that are just out of reach of the targeted enemy. You want them to move forward a few paces, but to make it through a gap, they form a line of 60 (even walking backwards to do it), before walking through.