Gran Turismo 5 out on December 11th in Europe?

JVN writes : "Reliable retail sources told us that the Gran Turismo 5 scheduled release date would be December 11th"

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saint_john_paul_ii3341d ago

i;ll believe it when its confirmed.

The_Beast3341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

when is that 3 hour SONY conference, if anything. It will be announced then.

I think its SCEE right?

cayal3341d ago

It is in Germany so I would assume it is SCEE.

There's been so many dates for this game, there's no point believing any of it until confirmed by SCEE/Poly Digital.

siyrobbo3341d ago

sony doesnt have a 3 hour press conference, its only 1 hour, the other 2 is a little get together for the guests, like a little party

mastiffchild3341d ago

Had this nothing to do with SCEE I'd be much more hopeful of a happy ending but I'm still waiting for practically everything SCEE have prmised this generation.

The EU store and Home are always behind the Jap/US counterparts and we regularly have big PSN games later than overseas or, if they're multis, later than Live get them too(e.g the amazing pointless wait for ST2THDR which saw it arrive in the same week as SF4 in the EU).

Still, I do have some faith that we could see GT5 this year-the vagueness is very strange and why would Yamaouchi say they can drop it whenever they like?

gaffyh3341d ago

@1.4 - What about Vidzone? PlayTV?

Anyway I hope to God that this release date is true, and it NEEDS to be true imo. GT5 + Pricecut + PS3 Slim would be very good for Sony, if there's anything that can help them make up ground, it's this combination.

Breitsch_Nieden3341d ago

My online retailer has noted Gran Tourismo for december 09.
I live in switzerland by the way...
I think it all would make sense though, considering the upcoming pricedrop....but you never know.

Maddens Raiders3341d ago

I think this could be onto something and the fact that my fellow Europeans could be getting this earlier is a good thing - Europe has always heavily supported this series and been a strong ally in boosting sales of this outstanding series. I hope it's true.

Elimin83341d ago

Not even sony.....I won't believe it until Poly/Digital confirms it.

heroicjanitor3341d ago

It is looking more and more likely but I don't want to get my hopes up.

The_Beast3341d ago

how do you know that?

did sony say it

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PirateThom3341d ago

I want to believe this so badly... :(

JL3341d ago

I'm with you. I really bad want this to come out this year. And deep down inside, I think I'm almost fairly certain it will at this point. However, I don't want to get too excited and ahead of myself only to find out I was wrong. I think we'll hear more in a couple weeks though at Cologne. If not a release date then, I'd say TGS will give us one. But this holiday seems like the only logical release really. It's either that or end up waiting til like summer of next year.

TheHater3341d ago

Reliable retail, who is my aunt husband brother sister friend pet rabbit hamster love child daughter of a motherless goat used hardware shop, sources told us that the Gran Turismo 5 scheduled release date would be August 2nd.

Enough with this already. Sony is probable going to announce a release date at the gaming even in Germany this month.

Mo0eY3341d ago

When is that event by the way?

sunnygrg3341d ago

If you mean Leipzig GC, then it was cancelled. It was supposed to take place on the 20th of August.

Persistantthug3341d ago

It has to. Since Sony claimed they were gonna sell 13 million PS3 units, the only game that can move such units is Gran Turismo.