IGN: SimEarth: The Living Planet Review

Back in 1992, SimEarth was an ambitious and admirable undertaking that SimCity fans embraced and enjoyed as the next step in the evolution of the simulation genre -- at the time, its restrictions, limited graphics and difficult interface were just the standard. No one would have known to complain. But now, 17 years later, people have seen the incredible growth of accessibility in this category of gaming -- and it's impossible to go back. No tutorials, no real help. No reason to waste your time or money. SimEarth is one of those games that you should appreciate for its place in industry history, but not one you should spend time or money on to go back and play. Ignore this release.

Presentation - 3.0
Graphics - 3.5
Sound - 4.0
Gameplay - 4.0
Lasting Appeal - 6.0
Overall -

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