Jessica Nigri – Making Pokemon sexy, 1 costume at a time

PixelatedGeek says "At first, when the internets went crazy for this girl, Jessica Nigri, I honesty thought that she was a 1 costume person. So, I really thought her 15mins was up. Well, reset that timer because even more photos of her have surfaced, but this time as another Pokemon character named Zangoose. "

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ruibo3093d ago

oh wow, she is gorgeous!

G3TDOWN3093d ago

gorgeous is more like girls with amazing face features like unique looks

This is another hot blonde that we usually see alot ahahah

her body is nice

Bubble Buddy3092d ago

I used to hate zangooses and most of the new Pokemon but hey, there's always a second chance ;)

iseven3092d ago

She evolved my Magikarp into a Garados O.o;;

DevastationEve3092d ago mean your "squirtle"


DevastationEve3092d ago

...why do some girls always look like they wanna do dirty things :)

...and DAMN IT, why do they have to look so cute while looking that way?!

aaronisbla3092d ago

Oh hush with your semantics, that crap means the same thing to most people, she is hot, gorgeous, cute, it all boils down to the same thing, you'd hit

mfwahwah3092d ago


Shut up. You have no right telling someone their opinion is wrong. Someone thinks she's gorgeous and you don't? YOU'RE BOTH RIGHT fool.

GameGambits3092d ago

I want to Squirtle squirt all over her bulbasaur seeds...if you know what I mean. ;)

YoungJuvi3092d ago

zan zan zan zangoooooooose

ThanatosDMC3092d ago

Well, at least she's a TON sexier than that other chick that posed as the Mirror's Edge chick.

vickers5003092d ago

I'd like to put my penis in her vagina, if you know what I mean.

DevastationEve3092d ago (Edited 3092d ago )

I think I'm following you there, but I'm going to have to run it by again :P

Back on topic (sorta, I guess) gorgeous does kinda usually mean something different in context. Hot generally means sexual appeal, wheras gorgeous means something more, like glamourous. She's not in a slinky night gown or evening dress so gorgeous doesn't work the best here.

Alvadr3092d ago

Thats it.. Im going to comicon next year!

aaronisbla3091d ago

Really, it all boils down to this: he finds her attractive. Whatever word he chooses to describe her is his choice. Wow, i guess some people can sit there and have a debate on whether someone is hot or gorgeous.

Its like discussing whether a ps3 is black or ebony, its the same sh!t

ThanatosDMC3091d ago

Be careful of ugly women. There's a lot of them. Worst one i went to was my road trip to Oklahoma just to see fuglies all over the place. I just took pictures.

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Johnny Rotten3093d ago

I can see the similarities, she's pokable and she seems to be playing with a full deck!

Mo0eY3093d ago (Edited 3093d ago )

She looks nothing like that pokemanz. Fail.

iseven3092d ago

does it really matter at this point?

-Mezzo-3093d ago

She gorgeous for sure but what is this doing on N4G. i am sick of you people trying to get cheap clicks by exploiting a female.

wardrox3092d ago

Girls having breasts and an arse is news to the average N4G commenter.

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