IGN: Forza 3 Career Mode Hands-On

IGN writes, Over the past few days, you've been given a look at Forza 3's Career Mode. First, IGN schooled you on the basics, then we drove home details on tuning, multiplayer and the end of your racing career. Everything you need to know about career mode is in those two articles. Today, I'm going to talk about my experience playing Forza 3's Career Mode.

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KionicWarlord2223340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

Ai pressure system will be amusing to see .

*ai thinking *

"Im screwed!"


Hold on one sec here...did ign just...

Ign :

"Though I only had a chance to play Forza 3's Career Mode for an hour, I can already tell it's going to be a big hit among racing fans. Gran Turismo developer Polyphony Digital should pay attention. Turn 10 is doing some great things with Forza 3. Like releasing it. "

JasonPC360PS3Wii3340d ago

LOL Sony side wont like that at all, expect major spins. AI that tuff I'm going to have to get a racing wheel.

KionicWarlord2223340d ago


It sounds like ign really like`s forza 3 .

Lord Anubis3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

after an hour of playing the game they already know everything about forza and gran turismo. oh wow, i wish i too had such powers.

Greywulf3340d ago

Forza3 has 8 cars on the road. Intense.


I think everyone can understand IGN's demands to preview The Drive of Your Life. It is the only place to find the experience. Its second to none and its the bar to compare other racers to. If anyone reads the previews, as I have. Forza3 isn't doing much out of the realm of Single Player modes known to Sims.

Much like all 360 "victories", this Forza3 excitement is due to the lack of Sony even being present.

Forza3 will be a good game, but the graphics aren't better than GT5p, they are great though, like Need for speed Shift! The car list is underwhelming, and oddly enough include over 30 multiple year honda's. Thats interesting in its own. The physics are up to your own personal taste in my opinion.

KionicWarlord2223340d ago

No spin.

Ign likes it . And by this preview Forza 3 sounds amazing .

Graphics look great .

I dont know why every time someone brings up gt5.

iChaos Amongus3340d ago

Well I look forward to seeing how Forza 3 does in reviews and if it can surpass Forza 2's 91% average in reviews. I've got a feeling it's going to, very easily.

Greywulf3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

So far we have a Racer with the same features often claimed by Racers.

What feature thus far is "AMAZING"?

"Super Ai":

Ai that learns from you. Yes, forza2 was supposed to do the same thing. As most new racing games. I'd imagine the NFS:Shfit guys are saying the same exact thing, as will PD. Same with A.I making mistakes. Yes, Other games have all done this. This is something I know you've definitely heard of then experienced if you're into racers at all. If its true at all that would be great, but he said that he hasn't spent "HOURS" on the career mode himself. So I doubt if the AI learns from your handful of races in 1 hour, and that he could even be any good indicator nor did he cite any example while playing.

The whole notion that A.I has perfect lines is realistic. Watch an F1 race, the only time anyone strives from THE RACING LINE is when you mess up or pass. Yea GT4 had this problem, but GT5p has cars that mess up as well as aggressive ai, as does Forza 1 & 2, as does Race Pro, as does Ferrari Challenge, do I need to go on with that? Sure they say this and that, but all developers say the same exact fluff.

Winning Gift vehicles/Career Mode:

The previews have all been about this career mode. They have been very very very very wordy, yet they haven't said anything about them outside of the Career Mode changes depending upon the cars you drive, and your style of drive. For instance, if you only drive American cars, events to where Europe is concerned might be removed. Thats a good feature, I guess, but for a RACING SIMULATION, its hardly realistic or has any relevance to the world of racing games. You have a class, and you stick to that class. Then You change classes, or just go do whatever you want. You win gift vehicles and cash bonuses for completion, and if you dont drive a certain type of vehicle, it wont give you that vehicle.

They go over ways you make money, not only by racing but by livery sales, So that in Forza3, you will always be making money. You can even buy any car you want to, whenever you want. No class restrictions, if you have the money you can buy it.

Rewind Feature:

See [GRID]

Im reading all of these because im excited to play it, but outside of just getting my online driving sim fix out, there has been absolutely nothing amazing about the features that aren't equally amazing in other sims.

iChaos Amongus3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

Greywulf, why so insecure in every Forza 3 article? It's just a game.

KionicWarlord2223340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

Well they showed what wll be going on in forza 3 and what will not :

1.) You can export video and it will put up a 720p wmv file on

2.) Auto-braking follows the braking line for its braking. You just steer and gas now. They said multiple times that auto-braking is NOT as fast as someone who brakes on their own. It just makes you more consistent.

3.) You get infinite rewinds per race. using time rewind will mark your lap time as "uncertified" along with anytime there is drafting in the same race.

4.) Lap times listed on the leader boards will be listed as "certified" first and then "uncertified. So the worst certified time will be above the fastest uncertified race.

5.) There is now a clutch button, and it is on the left shoulder button on the controller. Hold button, clutch is engaged. Then you shift, then let off of the clutch. There is a missed shift if you don't hit it right. You can damage the car if you miss a shift with sim damage on. The clutch pedal mode is faster than without.

6.) There is now a.) automatic b.) manual and c.) manual clutch.

7.) In multiplayer there is no rewind, however there is auto-braking. It can be turned off like any other assist.

8.) Auto-upgrade system. "generally useful script" that adds parts to a car based on top of the class. So pick A class, say auto-upgrade, and it will upgrade the car to the PI at the top of that class. If you can't afford all the upgrades for the top of A, it will get you as close as it can then stop.

9.) Auto-upgrade does NOT auto-tune the car. You must tune the car yourself still.

10.) Multiplayer is now like Halo3 and Call of Duty 4 party type of system now is how multiplayer works in FM3. Meaning there will be prebuilt game types that you can join publicly with your party, or you can just build your own private server with exactly your specifications. Things like vote to kick someone, vote to skip a track on these public servers.

11.) Examples of how public servers will be are class and type. ie C class drag, B class drift, A class road racing etc.

12.) They monitor our private matches and if a lot of people are playing a certain setup, they can make a new server based on those settings for the public server list.

13.) All multiplayer modes give you credits. There is no more career or exhibition race. If you race on forza3 in multiplayer (even like cat and mouse) you get credits.

14.) New modes not just racing. Tag mode where you tag someone they are it. There is smear the *** where someone is it, and they have to be tagged for points. There is also army/virus/zombie tag. There is now elimination mode. Finally there is now cat and mouse mode. It really sounds like they just swiped the halo setup and made it for cars.

15.) Scoring on time or drift or damage or whatever.

16.) Starting grid based on PI, gamer-score, car type etc.

17.) Delay start, let players have a 5 second lag between starts for instance.

18.) All cars in FM3 get a Performance Index (PI System). The race-cars classes are now part of the other cars classes. For example you can upgrade your car up to the R classes and through them as well. Some R class cars now have upgrades that can be done to them as well.

19.) Pi is now calculated on the ability of the car and not the ability of the AI to drive it. In FM2, to calculate PI they had the AI calculated what time it could get with each car. This had 1 flaw that the AI can not drive cars. Usually lots of power and poor tires tripped up the AI. Now in FM3, the capability of the car is represented. They hope (fingers crossed) this is more accurate of the cars potential.

"A virtual track that the system looks at. Literally looks at the cars maximum speed through each turn would be and tries to achieve that speed on every straightaway. The cars accelerate, brake, and corners with maximum perfect friction. The only way a player would be able to achieve that same performance would be to drive the car perfectly."

20.) Power-train swaps now split into engine and drivetrain swaps.

21.) Can flip cars on multiplayer. Just jostle the left stick back and forth and you can rock the car back onto its wheels.
There are about 60 rules you can set for a multiplayer match that allow you to create just about any game type you could want. Instead of having a gentleman's agreement at the start of the race to play Cat & Mouse, you can now make someone the mouse. You want capture the flag? You can make it happen. With so many options, the only limit is your own ingenuity.

Apocalypse Shadow3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

"Though I only had a chance to play Forza 3's Career Mode for an hour, I can already tell it's going to be a big hit among racing fans. Gran Turismo developer Polyphony Digital should pay attention. Turn 10 is doing some great things with Forza 3. Like releasing it. "

so,by you posting the quote with GT and polyphony in it,that is why someone responds.don't post GT in a forza article,you may not get as many GT replies.

common sense isn't it?

you started it,they're finishing it by saying the game lacks as many cars,lacks weather and time of day(even for lemans),lacks GT5's car detail and polygon counts,allows you to cheat by reversing decisions, when in real life racers don't get that option.

and no one knows what GT5 will have or the career mode will have.gamers didn't even know that GT5 had nascar or rally until their thoughts at IGN on Gt5 is mute until we know just enjoy your game.but know that turn 10 could still learn some lessons from polyphony too.


ShabzS3340d ago

why are we always talking about gt in forza articles ... ign like this game ... so thats good news for people waiting for forza ...

Greywulf3340d ago

Its just fun to point out the obvious about Forza3 after the claims of it being "definitive" yet not having a single feature that differentiates itself from the Simulation World at large.

When I see a shameless stab, come on you know im responding.

soxfan20053340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )


"Much like all 360 "victories", this Forza3 excitement is due to the lack of Sony even being present."

Let's apply this standard to some other genres and games. GT1 and GT2 on the PS1 had no competition - therefore the excitement surrounding those games was only due to the fact that Sega and Nintendo were not present.

The God of War series has no similar games on competing consoles. Therefore, there should be no excitement or praise for any God of War games until a similar games appears on a competing console.

Same could be said for Little Big Planet. Until MS or Nintendo release a similar game, there should be no excitement about LBP.

I guess it's Turn 10's fault that PD takes FOREVER to release their games, while Turn 10 is able to release high quality, higher-rated games every 2 years.

ShabzS3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

forza and gt BOTH have something to prove ... we havent seen either game in action ....

gt5p was over a year ago and had no damage or chashes and its fair to say it was not a complete representation of the full game... but RIGHT NOW ...

IGN gives forza 3 a thumbs up... deal with it.. pls stop defending gt whilst attacking forza... your bias hasnt gone unnoticed... regardless at the moment both games are at neutral ground

Megan Fox3340d ago

@ Greywulf

Like "Shbzshar" bar said your bias hasn't gone unnoticed. I dont think you'll like anything with the MS logo on it, your just a troll in disguise.

On topic, this game has AAA written all over it. FM3 FTW!!!

Greywulf3340d ago

I said like all the 360 victories, which you cant hop in a time machine to discuss. Like all 360 problems, they can't be solved by mentioning Sony. What you said has absolutely nothing to do with Microsoft launching a year earlier, or F3 being a better game because GT5 isn't even known of.

Its not anyones fault that anything happens yet IGN took time to decide to mention Polyphony. No one is even comparing development cycles, yet again IGN decides to take the moment to mention gran turismo in a XBOX360 game article, they mention it because they know you care about GT.

Even though you pretend you dont, its the drive of your life. What else can be said about it? It takes time because it has over 800 vehicles, WRC/NASCAR, it has to run 1080 lines of resolution and have 16 vehicles on the track at a stable framerate at all times. It has to have the most tracks/roadcourses out there relevant to enthusiasts, which is why they included the Top Gear proving grounds. It has to make sure the vehicles are accurate models not only the exterior but the interior because they know the owners of the vehicles will appreciate the accuracy, not having low polygon headlights and flat interior textures everywhere. This all takes time, and its the time that has built this second to none driving franchise which has stood the test of time.

The PS1 through PS3 has seen many racing games, but none are ever going to be the franchise that GT is, its stood the test of competitors. The quality & sales speak for itself.

ape0073340d ago

man u like to spin a lot

imagine if forza 3 was a ps3 exclusive and trust me you'll like it :)

play games

love games

both ps3 and 360 are amazing,fanboyism give a bad name about gaming,of course everyone love his console of choice more than the other but not that way

Maddens Raiders3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

ok so ((maybe)) some editor from IGN & 360 fanboys (obviously), likes forza 3 - - big freakin' deal......

(((the World))) *loves and *knows PD and the Gran Turismo calibre...

lol @ some notorious 360 fans here posting vicariously through an ign editor's glee from spending an hour with their best racing title on the console, while he ostensibly eggs on Kaz and PD to DROP THE BOMB in the **same article referenced lol........ 8D

Apocalypse Shadow3340d ago

forza is turning out to be a good racing series for 360 fans.but it's not like other companies didn't try to go up against the GT series.

enthusia for ps2 had great physics and even polyphony was impressed by it.same with sega and sega gt.if sega would have kept the series going and improved on it,it would probably be a contender today.same with auto modellista from also could have been improved up to this day.capcom just dropped konami and sega.

but as for the disagrees.....i laugh.....

when the ORIGINAL POSTER,"kionic",says that he agrees with **ME** that he started the ball rolling for GT fans to respond and greywulf countering it and responding to that,your disagrees mean nothing as he posted:


Your right.


your disagrees mean nothing.not that i'm attacking him as he has every right as a gamer to like this game if he chooses to.the rest of you are just fool of it for disagreeing.

thanks for the agree on that one thing kionic.i know you may not agree with the rest of what i said.


XboxUltimateAlliance3340d ago

Forza 3 incoming, October. Be there! :)

outlawlife3340d ago

auto modellista was in no way a sim, it was a cell shaded arcade racer, i really don't think it could ahve competed with either GT or Forza ahd it continued

I used to play it quite often online on PS2 and how you could even bring that into a conversation regarding racing sims I don't know

JaggedSac3340d ago

Sony fanboy meltdowns are always a joy to behold whenever Forza 3 news is posted.

JokesOnYou3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

I'm surprised to see Greywulf, Madden and Shadow in this news thread about Forza3 because I could of sworn I've seen all of them in a hundreds other F3 posts saying how much better another racing franchise is. You would think at some point they would just realize they don't care for Forza and follow that much better racer they love so much. I've played other racers but Forza series has become my favorite racer, I'm sure there a other great racers out there but somehow I don't care enough about any of them to constantly follow news specifically about them just to tell the world how much better Forza3, but maybe they just keep mistakenly clicking on F3 news somehow because they thought despite "Forza3" in the headline its really going to be news about some "ps exclusive racing game". Don't mind them, their angry comments only seek to hide their bitter dissapointment everytime they click on and read "Forza3 news" only to find out its actually news about, err yep you guessed it Forza3. Its not their fault....poor guys.


JonnyBigBoss3338d ago

You're out of your mind, really. Gran Turismo's devs should take notes from Forza? Okay. Which series sells more? Which series has received more positive reviews? Which series has been around longer? Yeah, that's what I thought. Another stupid comment.

KionicWarlord2223338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

I was shocked ign said that.

You didn't understand my comment .

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3340d ago
Lord Shuhei Yoshida3340d ago

Forza 3 will prove to be the biggest snorefest this year and will replace sleeping pills for that same reason.

No_NaMe3340d ago

Lets see if Forza 4 can be better!!

Forza 3is PERFETION!!!

strotee3340d ago

If F3 is "perfect" then how will F4 be better? What's better than perfection?


To be owned by GT5 (^_<)

-Mezzo-3340d ago

LOL. i believe both will be best for their consoles.

The_Beast3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

can they wait for. lol

everyone with a brain knows gt5 is better

oh look at how the cute lil bots disagree

they think i give a crap

Tr10wn3340d ago

"Gran Turismo developer Polyphony Digital should pay attention. Turn 10 is doing some great things with Forza 3. Like releasing it" LOL

The_Beast3340d ago

they can release it anytime. they dont want to rush it. somthing that turn -10 is probibly doing

The Master Chief3340d ago

We'll know how "rushed" it is when reviews start rolling out in October. :)

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