Sony stealing most of Xbox 360's exclusive downloadable games

Over a year or two ago, many of the headlines over the Web indicated that Microsoft was stealing many of the PS3 franchises from the past such as Final Fantasy, Grand Theft Auto and Devil May Cry. However, it seems like it is the PS3's turn to take some exclusives from the Xbox 360 - in the form of downloadable games.

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DasBunker3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

lol only 2 games (braid,CC) and now sony is stealing "most" XBLA games.. the thing is theyre the best XBLA games (according to xbox enthusiasts).. that kinda sux, whats the point of a console with only a few real exclusives and a lot timed.. i dont think youll ever see flower or fat princess anywhere else..

G3TDOWN3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

Sony is buying them lol ! What a dumb article, the guy doesnt even know the difference between STEALING and Buying

well, I guess Microsoft stole GTA IV then ;)

Chubear3275d ago

the 360 has not gotten ONE PS3 exclusive to date. These are all PS2 exclusives they managed to get multiplat this gen and some of them weren't even exclusives last gen so I dont' get how the media have convinced people that of that.

No game has actually come out for the PS3 as an exclusive and then went multiplat 1-12months later.

However there are over 10 games that I can think of - that are CURRENT GEN IPs - that have come out for the 360 as exclusives but then went multiplat on the PS3.

Elven63275d ago

This guy fails to mention Braid was released on both PC and Mac this year....

MerkinMax3275d ago

So what if the exlusive gets put on a new console. I would love for Halo to be on PS3 and Killzone to be on Xbox. Too bad it won't happen though... Is their something wrong with more/new people being able to play the game?

vhero3275d ago

Stealing most is a lot to say considering MS didn't have that many non MS exclusives to begin with worth taking...

mintaro3275d ago

I vaguely recall Unreal Tournament 3 coming o the PS3 first.

Chris_GTR13275d ago

stealing DL games? more like ... getting a slow ass port of it over a year later? that sounds more in line with the ps3 history.

pippoppow3275d ago

You see there is the problem. If most 3rd part devs will make their games multiplatform then 1st and 2nd party games really do matter. How many times has a game released only on the 360 and or PC only to see those 3rd party games wind up at a later date on the PS3? Many. Sure there are exceptions of 3rd party games staying exclusive like Gears2 and MGS4 but not much else stay exclusive it seems. So with all the 1st/2nd and 3rd party games coming out for the PS3 I'm sure gamers can wait for the possible port instead of feigning for another platform.

raztad3275d ago

Sony doesnt need to steal any xbla game. Developers are the ones realizing PSN is a huge opportunity for massive profit. Why to steal something if you got a lot of excellent games in the pipeline? Fat Princess, Pixel Junk Series (shooter coming soon), and many more, put PSN way ahead of xbla in terms of content.

Now the game Sony really "stole" just under MS noses was NG2, and PS3 is actually getting the superior/definitive version.

PopEmUp3275d ago

Not to be a D1ck but you 360 boys are having the beta test for the boys at PS3 camp to enjoy the final build plus extra features

IdleLeeSiuLung3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

So when MS gets an exclusive from Sony, it is extending the money hat, but when Sony does it, it is a natural progression and is about logical business moves.

Oh, the times have changed when Sony is taking MS exclusives.....!

callahan093275d ago


UT3 did go to PS3 before Xbox 360, but it was never a PS3 exclusive. It was on PC before PS3, and even when it came out on PS3, it was still announced that it'd come to 360, just later on.

heroicjanitor3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

It is exclusive. If Microsoft says it is exclusive, take it with a fistful of salt.

ActionBastard3275d ago

It's more like MS getting a dose of its own medicine. Neither Sony or MS are "stealing" anything. MS got a ton of PS2 3rd party franchises on the 360. Sony has thus far been able to get a great deal of current gen franchises (new IP even) that were exclusive to the 360. It's not stealing. It's the giant's awake.

Tsar4ever013275d ago

Knock of these stupid FLAME BAITING articles, All it does is rile-up the stupid FANBOYS.

cliffbo3274d ago


the difference is that Microsoft have payed for most of those exclusives sony have not greed is what put those games on psn more money get it?

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NotSoSilentBob3275d ago

What alot of people do not realize is that Ps3 has Gained more games from the 360 then the 360 got from PS3.

Final Fantasy
Devil Maycry

the Ps3 has got

Penny Arcade
Vampire Rain
Eternal Sonata
and many more.

coolirisGB3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

Metal Gear
Star Ocean
Guitar Hero
and more

There is a difference the games from Microsoft are mostly new IP's new to this gen, the ones from Sony are system selling franchises that built the Sony brand spanning more than one generation in some cases lol

TheHater3275d ago

Metal Gear and Star Ocean were next Playstation exclusive to begin with. Both of these franchise appear on Nintendo Consoles before Sony.

rucky3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

Well how about all former PC exclusive games going to the PS3. According to 360 fanboy logic remember PC/360 = MS platform XD

coolirisGB3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

Some of those the games he listed were on non Microsoft platforms as well. I guess PSN needs something.

Isn't Penny arcade on Linux, Mac OS X

Plus Braid on , Mac OS X?

LOL at the PS3 fanboy hypocritical reasoning I thought it was bad to steal games.

DasBunker3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

LOL yeah... in the end the games (like GeOW1,splinter cell etc) are just not xbox exclusives period; simply because they appear on PC.. no matter if MS still benefits.. you dont need an xbox to play them!.. so people using those games to justify their buy are just kidding themselves.

TheHater3275d ago

Metal Gear was on the original xbox. It shows how much you know.

coolirisGB3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

Yeah I know I played it on the xbox I guess I could have stated the change of the treatment of the XBox brand by that company in this case. I guess the developers could have done a timed exclusive with MGS RISING.

Don't be mad at because the PS3 is a huge risk for developers waiting to see if games are successful before bringing them to the PS3. You see this as a good thing but it's really not, the 360 gains steam with these games first while developers test the water on the xbox 360.

TheHater3275d ago

Where exactly is my post did I indicate I was mad? If a game come out on the xbox 360 first and it interest me, then I get it. If not, then I wait as see what additional contents the PS3 version will receive and if that spark my interest in that game. You need to learn how to read because it seems you go around accuse or forming clouded judgment on users on this site.

coolirisGB3275d ago

I wish he would have talked about the significance of the games going to 360 which are brand building franchises vs the ones going to PS3 that are new Ip's most of which do pretty good and don't push hardware and the difference in time like same day releases vs *seeing how it works out* then releasing a year later on PS3.

Chubear3275d ago

OP those games you listed are from the PS2 not the PS3. None of them ever came out as exclusive to the PS3.

Elven63275d ago

A majority of those that you listed were also released on PC so they were never Xbox 360 exclusive to begin with.

vhero3275d ago

@ NotSoSilentBob You didnt even count most of 360's catalogue which are from the PS2 catalogue typical fanboyism at its best. 360 was first so devs couldnt obviously release games like Overlord for the PS3 when it wasn't released could they?? When it was they finally did. So get your facts right mate. Hell you could even say MS stole FIFA from NES,SNES etc.. if you wanted to go there god damn fanboy go to open zone with the other fanboys.

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Droid Smasha3275d ago

M$ steals games that LAUNCH the same day as on ps3. ps3 gets games a YEAR after they have been released on 360.

Which do YOU think is better?

DasBunker3275d ago

i think a year later is better for me.

it gives me time to play all the other awesome REAL EXCLUSIVE and multiplat games coming out and then when i have nothing to play (which rarely happens) i can grab one of those "Only on xbox.. for a while" games, with extra content and everything :P

Ninji3275d ago

Looks like the butthurt bots have already arrived.

Ninver3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

LOL dude is just mad he has been beta testing games since the 360 launched. Braid is nothing special, honestly i'd take WipeoutHD, Fat Princess, Siren (full game) etc etc over any xboxlive game. Further proving you're a retarded consumer lol.

ultimolu3275d ago

Lol, and they still can't get Metal Gear Solid 4...not to mention work on their own games.


-MD-3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

"All Microsoft does is steal"
"360 doesn't have any good games"
"PS3 has way too many games already I can't keep up"

*castle crashers announced on PSN*

"This game is going to be epic and we have the superior version bots"
"Thanks for beta testing this amazing game bots"
"Buying this day one bots"

If that's not the definition of a hypocrite I don't know what is.

Nelson M3275d ago

"All Microsoft does is steal"
"360 doesn't have any good games"

Thy Silly Little BoT

saimcheeda3275d ago

we may get the original a year later but the sequel arrives the first day!...lost planet 2,bioshock 2

presto7173275d ago

Sony doesnt steal anything. They just add the finishing touches once the testing phase is complete.

I wonder how much they pay all those beta testers and debuggers. Or do they do it for free?

3275d ago
El Botto3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

PS3 has stolen quite a huge chunk of the 360s library. 4 years ago, XBOX brand simply didnt have any games. Therefore, its also impossible to steal games from the XBOX.

That changed when the 360 launched first. Since then PS3 has stolen:

- Bioshock (360s GOTY 2007- Massive ownage)
- Ninja Gaiden 2
- Dead Rising
- Lost planet
- Kane and Lynch
- Tales of V
- that Namco RPG
And a few more

In fact, the word "exclusivity" has no meaning on the 360. The 360 does not know exclusivity. This is apparent seeing how almost every game on the 360 is multi platform. Even a game like Bluedragon found its way to Nintendo!

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3275d ago

...SONY will be stealing your 'NPD' numbers to!!! ;-D

Ashriel3275d ago

@1.5 Exactly what I was thinking, seems like this guys don't realize yet...

Poopface the 2nd3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

I dont care which systems controller you prefer to stick up your butt, I HATE YOU ALL. You people above me are probably the most pathetic people on the face of this planet.

This story is about a DL game called Braid that is out on 360, PC , and MAC, yes MAC, coming to PS3. If these are the kind of comments you write about a DL game that is finally coming to Ps3, I dont know what to say.

You people seem too happy to get old mac leftovers, something must be wrong with the PS3. Its sad when you people have to say the stupidest things in the open zone to get other morons to click the agree button.

I dont think this game was ever supposed to be a 360 exclusive, it just wasnt that important for the devs to release the ps3 version. They made it on mac first, thats how important the PS3 is to the devs. of BRAID. If you think its a great thing to get games a year later and after the mac then please keep celebrating.

YAY BRAID ON PS3. We only had to wait till after the mac version came out. PS3 is the best. 360 is dommed now that 2 of their year old arcade games have released on ps3. Wow there is just too many old 360 games to Dl for my ps3 this year I cant afford them all. We should call Braid exclusive to PS3 because it is the special 1 year anniversary edition. Play beyond. This is living. 4d.

tha_meat_beater3275d ago

CHATBOT/CHATBOX funny as he11. keep it sir ken. its a classic

Guitarded3275d ago

Feable Droid attempts to spin a late port. Even in their large numbers they are no match for the well armed Bots and their onslaught of reality. Poor Driods never stood a chance.

ravinshield3274d ago

How can Fony be stealing xbox 360 games when they are just timed exclusives, what a bunch of retards.

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KionicWarlord2223275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

How do you steal a exclusive if someone payed for the game ?

I dont think sony care or Ms care if someone thinks it`s stealing .

Ninver3275d ago

Xboxlive has some decent games but if i had the choice i'd easily choose WipeoutHD, Fat Princess etc etc over them anyday of the week. Overall i just feel PSN has better games that i prefer. Also the fact i only own a ps3 give me no choice lol.

Oh well, call me stupid but i guess i'm stuck with quality lol.