Monster Hunter 3 graphics so impressive that Zelda team faced pressure

Just how impressive are the graphics in Monster Hunter 3? Well, apparently they stunned Nintendo designers and members of the Zelda team.

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ChickeyCantor3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

They will use the TP style, so of course its harder to make it all look good for people who cry for great visuals...I still think Nintendo should have gone the Windwaker path again. Or they should have tried bring the Link to the past art into 3D.

They did an awesome job on Mario galaxy, but the style differs from TP.

TP didn't look bad, but it wasn't something that lasted long either.
(although i like the character designs);

Whatever Nintendo does, keep the Zelda greatness in tact.

heroicjanitor3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

It helps with immersion and makes you feel like the game you got is top quality rather than shelling out 50 euros for a crap looking game. They shouldn't even bother with graphics at all on Zelda the since they just need gameplay. As long as link has a arms,legs and a sword it's fine. /sarcasm

Also I think they should go to wind waker style again. The art style was fantastic.

ChickeyCantor3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

Im not saying they should be sh/t visuals, but there are people out there who cry due the fact there are no visuals the Ps3 and 360 provide.

Windwaker visuals fit really well with the zelda universe.
But i guess some people won't understand =D

iamtehpwn3339d ago

What makes Zelda great is being refreshing.
They shouldn't do the same thing twice, ever.

New Zelda means New art style, New branch of ideas for Link's journey.

RockmanII73339d ago

They can't go back to Windwaker style because the graphics on the Wii are technically worse than on the Gamecube, so if they did, people would be mad because they would be able to tell that the Windwaker had better graphics.

tunaks13339d ago

your post was a joke right? It made no sense, reading it just makes me laugh every time

morganfell3339d ago

Uh oh. Another "The wii graphics will blow you away promotion story..."

The last one did not end well.

mastiffchild3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

In fairness ,Morgan, the GFX on The Conduit would have been pretty cool if the clashing atstyle hadn't let HVS down so much, imo. The point is that MH3, from what I've seen is a really good lookking game-it isn't in the league of Uncharyed2 obviously, but Capcom have really pushed what the Wii can do with this title.

Certainly, in many respects I'd put it on a near par with some earlier 360 titles and that's just about the ceiling for visuals on Wii and they should be applauded for doing so well with what they had. Having a set artstyle for MH games has probably helped them, imo, to pinpoint what they could manage to target successfully and as a result they've done a good job.

ChickeyCantor3338d ago


Zelda has taken the same visuals before, so the only thing that is left are the level designs and such.

They are going to use the TP style again, its obvious from the one and only art released. So im not sure whats so refreshing about that?
MM is basically OOT
OoS/OoA is basically links awakening.
PH is basically Windwaker.
FourSwords gameboy uses the same art as MinishCap( and minish caps art is exactly like that from windwaker)
FourSword on the GCN took the art of link to the past with more details.

So whats so wrong about making another windwaker styled game?
All im saying they should be more artistic than to visualize a dark muddy world.

morganfell3338d ago


In all fairness it is what it is. Could, shoulda woulda, if they had managed to do this or that etc etc etc doesn't amount to a hill of beans.

And while The Conduit may be on par with early 360 titles, it only manages to be on par with the ugliest, most poorly generated 360 graphics. And in this modern console era that doesn't even put them in the same town where they could buy an excuse.

Nintendo decided to go for their angle. Live with it. Trying to rave about graphics is as ridiculous as MS suddenly trying to be the casual console.

iamtehpwn3338d ago

Zelda games that use Wind Waker's Art style:
- Wind Waker
- Phantom Hourglass
- Minish cap
- Four Swords (GBA)
- Four Swords Adventure (GCN)
- Spirit Tracks

I loved Wind Waker, But you must understand it's style has been in 6 zelda games already. It's time to move on.

ChickeyCantor3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

No actually what i meant with the windwaker path is the artistic style.
Not go windwaker 1:1, rather that they should try something artistic like that again.

Apparently the Cel-shaded visuals really fit with zelda. They should try something like that again.
I wished windwaker had an actual explorable Hyrule. That would have been sick.

But now they are going with the TP style, and im not saying it looked bad( crossing hyrule when the sun sets is awesome) just that it doesn't really impress as much as windwaker did. Even to this day when i play Windwaker im amazed.

But going TP again is not really refreshing.
Unless they make it creepy like MM again...T_T i miss that game.

GameGambits3338d ago

For me an artstyle tromps the actual graphic prowess of most games.

If I said Persona 4 looks better than Uncharted 2 I'd get slammed with disagrees, but I love the art design and character models for Persona 4 more than Uncharted 2.(Don't worry though Uncharted 2 makes me cream my pants everytime I see new videos of it.)

This Monster Hunter game looks great art wise. I can't wait for this and the new Zelda game next year. My Wii will get plenty of playtime then. :)

iamtehpwn3338d ago

and I thought the art style of Majora's Mask was very different the Ocarina of time, There wasn't a drastic difference, but if you look at it closer, there's a sharp difference in Textures, lightning, style, and over all art direction.

N4g_null3338d ago

morganfell true it is what it is and MH3 is very impressive for a Wii game. Seriously how the hell do you get all those textures on a Wii game! The hub port thing is very impressive just on it's own.

Capcom is the sh!t If I could speak Japanese I would be their right now working damn it! Hey but if the conduit or this game doesn't impress you them move along why even comment? You didn't see me at the killzone 2 hype thread, of did it impress me, no not really hey but what can you do? We have had all of that tech for a very long time.

Yet this is good that nintendo feels the heat from 3rd parties now. The same happened on the snes some really crazy stuff came out and it is about time nintendo bought a copy of zbrush. Even though they are expanding the market once they start using these tools they will see we are not even scratching the surface at what designers can make now. Oyeah NEW zbrush comes out next month YAY!

This is very good because either nintendo has to really make the next zelda some thing special; now game play wise or also up what they know about their own TEV shader system.

Some thing tells me they will be calling up capcom and may offer them a sweet deal to get some info.

Now wouldn't it be cool if nintendo made capcom a first party!

Nikuma3338d ago

An art style for Zelda that is similar to the art style of Valkyria Chronicles would be pro IMO. Just less animeish.

ChickeyCantor3338d ago


Those games you mentioned before also had a difference in actuall ingame art.

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Gitaroo3339d ago

played the game, very impressive, ya if PS2 is the only system you play that is.

Honky Kong3339d ago

you must have really played it alot... graphics are very well done and well honestly it monster hunter its all about the game play. controls are smooth and you have options to change styles. it dosent matter that its on wii one bit if you like the game. i know if you even played it you sure as hell didnt buy it or want to buy it in the first place. go play uncharted...

N4g_null3338d ago

Yeah go and play uncharted. I mean really the PS3 is getting a price drop you need to be having a PS3 come back party! I just called every one I know that wanted one and they are still meh about it. It really is too bad the PS3 did not get this game huh? MH3 and a price drop would have been pretty sweet huh? Well since you are not a Wii fan it must suck to be you huh? Hey you can still go buy so ice cream or some thing cheer up!

onijutsu3339d ago

some screen shots would be nice

N4g_null3338d ago

Ask and you shall receive!

lots of detail huh? Capcom made a deal with the devil I'm sure of it!

Keowrath3338d ago

+Bubbles Scissor. I was hoping to see some screenies.

I've not got a Wii, I have a PS3 and am gutted it moved to the Wii but it looks amazing! I've only played monster Hunter on the PSP but seeing some of those screens, I can only imagine how that's gonna be on a big screen!

Does look Fantastic!

PS360PCROCKS3339d ago

Lol so it looks like an xbox game? I kid I kid :)

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