US gamer population: 170 million - NPD

For decades, baseball has been called "the American pastime." However, a new report from the NPD Group indicates that a majority of American citizens currently indulge in one common leisure activity--playing games.

NPD's just-released 2009 Gamer Segmentation Report dissects the US gaming market in depth, drawing on responses from nearly 21,000 people taken during a January survey. Using statistical sampling, the study estimates the domestic number of gamers increased by 4.3 million in 2008, going from 165.5 million to 169.9 million. According to the most recent estimate from the Census Bureau, the US population was just over 304 million in July--meaning around 55 percent of Americans play games in one form or another.

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Max Power3215d ago

roughly half the population of America. That's quite a bit.

Pandamobile3215d ago



KionicWarlord2223215d ago

It never will .

Especially when big browser base games come out .

Max Power3215d ago

do you define as gaming, because I know a lot of people play free poker and what not like my grandparents.

KionicWarlord2223215d ago

Poker is like one of the biggest games online.

A lot people win money online too.

IdleLeeSiuLung3215d ago

PC gaming market that is growing isn't exactly the crowd that is going to be buying nvidia/ati graphics cards here. They are casual gamers that probably enjoy small little games like Solitair and etc...

JonnyBigBoss3215d ago

Dying is a strong word. It has definitely gone downhill, and due to a lack of sales it's less common to see a great PC exclusive than an exclusive for any of the 3 consoles.

UnwanteDreamz3215d ago

I wonder what percentage of that figure are playing hardcore games. I am going to go out on a limb here and bet that alot of them play games like poker, chess, solitare, bejewled....

Pandamobile3214d ago (Edited 3214d ago )

There's like 20 million Steam accounts with 1.6 Million currently logged in. There's also like 16 million World of Warcraft players.

And don't forget the people that don't use either service.

So there's a lot of people that play real games.

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Droid Smasha3215d ago

what can I say people just love the 360

MKV3215d ago

they love the wii more.

shutupandplay3215d ago

...and ps3 less than both. Well, that covers all the bases.

RockmanII73215d ago

304,000,000 people in the US and only 21,000 people surveyed?

Panthers3215d ago

Well its not like they can survey everyone. They come up with complex formulas to estimate the whole with the numbers they gathered from the survey.

ngg123453215d ago

If they include playing flash games and wii casual games then that number could be true but otherwise that number seems plain out ridicolous. I would say 30-50 million gamers probably. That is more than 50% of america.

Panthers3215d ago

I believe they are including those games. They are probably including any form of video games, like online poker and flash games too.

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