Bethesda: 'Mothership Zeta' The Final 'Fallout 3' DLC

MTV Multiplayer writes:

"Bethesda released a new trailer today for "Fallout 3: Mothership Zeta," the alien-themed DLC pack. While the trailer looks pretty slick, it was the description of the trailer on Bethesda's official "Fallout 3" site that really jumped out at me:

"We've released the trailer to Fallout 3's final DLC, Mothership Zeta."

Um...well, I guess that's it for "Fallout 3" DLC! Hope you've enjoyed yourselves, we'll see ya when "New Vegas" comes out in 14 months or so!"

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blackstuff3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

I've not even finished the original content in Fallout 3, which I only got the other week. What a game, the more content they add the better. Anyone heard if there is gonna be a version with all DLC in one box? Would probably of saved a fortune if I just waited a while longer, oops!


1 DLC is 100 Gamerpoints so that means we can get 1550 Gamepoints so it will not add up to 1750????

Blacktric3276d ago

The DLC's priced as 800 Microsoft Points each. And they will be probably sold as 10 dollars each via PSN.

Blacktric3276d ago

There will be a "Game Of The Year Edition" which will be released sometime in October 2009. It will contain all five DLC's and it will be priced 40$ which makes it super duper awesomely worth it. If you buy all five DLC's now it'll cost you 50 dollars and also if you buy the game it'll cost you another 30-50 dollars. So it'll be one of the best game bundle ever released.

blackstuff3276d ago

I concur, bubbles for you sir!

Javier193275d ago

Yeah man! its what im waiting for =D

Qdog3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

Good on them for bringing more life to an already expansive and excellent game, but shame on them for their apparent ignorance towards the PS3 crowd. You guys on the 360 and PC (myself included for the PC) are incredibly lucky to recieve the DLC that makes the game play as it should have from the beginning(modified ending). However, I have a standing petition at my division with around 11,000 signatures of soldiers with all ranks, that wont be buying anymore Bethesda products.I have so many friends that were looking forward to playing, but never got the complete experience, due to Bethesda's beligerence, and inability to label the DLC as exclusive, even though it has been for such a long time. Thanks Bethesda, perhaps next time you could be honest and tell everyone that one version wont have DLC before the game comes out. I know that DLC is rumored to arrive in October, but that is too little too late, to save face for this dishonest practice. When your next title sells millions less, you have no one to blame but yourselves and the company you promised timed exclusivity to without notifying the consumer.

Greysturm3276d ago

You might have missed it but they recently confirmed that all the dlc is coming to the ps3 as well. I guess it was probably a timed exclusive affair.

NegativeCreepWA3276d ago

Its was known long before the games release that the DLC would be exclusive, so I don't know what your raving about.

The person missing out will be you if you don't buy their games anymore. Its your loss.

Qdog3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

While I respect your opinion, I feel that you sir are wrong, when you said that Bethesda announced DLC exclusivity prior to launch. Many people were caught unaware by the announcement, after we had purchased the game, so I know first-hand that Bethsoft didnt tell the respective console owners about their arrangements.

As for me "raving", fair enough, you have your bag and I have mine, but my refusal to support the encouragement of bad practices, has nothing to do with raving. I suppose you'd gladly pay the same price for DLC that subdues the original, unfinished ending, a year plus later.

The original timeline slated the now confirmed DLC for June, then for certain QA purposes it has been moved to October. Hopefully the past is not necessarily representative of the future with Bethsoft, and they actually make good on their word for other PS3 owners. Have a nice day....

NegativeCreepWA3276d ago

What were they supposed to do write "No DL content for a year" across the front of the PS3 game case. Seriously how were they supposed to tell everyone about it?

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-Mezzo-3276d ago

I have owned and beaten every Fallout 3 DLC and i believe this one is looking best of them all.

Mr_Controversy3276d ago

This game is just too big, I don't think it's bigger than Oblivion but common man, where are the biker gangs at in the post-apocalyptic era? Damn, talk about sci-fi off.

Mcrmarcher3276d ago

Thats true, I find it strange that there aren't any biker gangs, I mean there's motorbikes every where.

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