Microsoft's Long, Slow Decline

There were two interesting Windows-related news stories last week. First, Joe Wilcox's story on report on a from NPD claiming 91 percent-and-higher retail sales no go to Apple. Second Microsoft's quarterly financial results, in which revenue fell $1 billion short of projection and declined 17 percent year-over-year.

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qface643303d ago

its actually what made me click the story lol

KionicWarlord2223303d ago

It`s so funny .

Isnt that cute....

Want a apple baby ?


indysurfn3303d ago (Edited 3303d ago )

But seriously what a misleading CONNIVING article, first of all "retail sales"? I was actually surprised apple didn't have 100% "retail sales". Micrsoft is JUST starting to get into "retail sales". They have only a few retail outlets built so far. How many direct Microsoft machines do you know of? Most of the machines are: Acer, HP, Compaq, Dell, Lenovo, Sony, Toshiba, alienware, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, in other words, OEM's (original equipment manufacturers).
If anything Apple is losing market share because until recently they had 100% of "retail sales". I still don't know a person that has a Microsoft branded PC. Just having windows does not make it a Microsoft branded machine, being a Microsoft brand machine makes it a Microsoft branded retail machine.

Second of All, Microsoft is in the SAME ECONOMY that Sony and nintendo is. They Microsoft dropped a little less than 5%. Sony dropped 60% Nintendo 22%, talk of the kettle calling the pot black, hello hypocrisy! They still made 3.99 BILLION dollars free and clear all while having a set of major launches coming up. Sony actually lost money, Microsoft still made 3.99 Billion free, and clear profit! How is that a decline again? Slow? They have only had ONE quarter of not breaking their record. And this is during the worst worldwide recession since 1929, and you say long, and slow decline. Doesn't it take more than one to even start a pattern? FANTOY article. Irrational and misleading. Take your shot while you can, as irrational as it is.

Maddens Raiders3303d ago

"Vista was a disaster for Microsoft. Windows 7 is, supposedly, the light at the end of the tunnel. But the best consensus about Windows 7 is only that it’s not going to be a complete and total cluster*uck like Vista. That it’s something XP users will actually want to upgrade to. Something that, when it comes pre-installed on a new machine, will not prompt questions about how to downgrade to XP."

...this should be etched in stone on a monument somewhere....

KionicWarlord2223303d ago

Vista only was bad to those with 1gig or 2 ram .

Windows 7 is now light , its just making windows brighter .

pppppeach3303d ago

Yes kids you heard it here first.

Microsoft is selling less but still doing better than when they sold more.

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M337ING3303d ago

Very well written.

I, for one, welcome a weakened Microsoft. It might make them more aggressive in the PC business, especially in their Games initiative.
Especially with more devs announcing Mac versions of their games...

meepmoopmeep3303d ago (Edited 3303d ago )

yeah, but some people are feeling butt hurt when they realize it


i can't get butt hurt over companies since i don't care about them
i don't work for them or own stocks so i couldn't care less about this stuff

rise and falls of company empires happens all the time anyway

Willio3303d ago

Great balanced article. I liked how the author tied in the Walmart reference to MS's current business plan of selling cheap at bulk. It doesnt help either when one of MS's COO is a former Walmart executive.

jack who3303d ago


El Botto3303d ago

In every business that they are in, they are losing the battle. The 360 is losing the battle and dying and they have lost 8-9 billion in this battle.

Things arent looking good for Windows.

JonnyBigBoss3303d ago

Microsoft needs to be weakened in the PC department. I for one will be going Google Chrome OS. So long MS.

Pandamobile3303d ago

But the chrome OS is aimed at netbooks and laptops.

erathaol3303d ago

Maybe your chromed OS is, but mine is aimed straight for my heart.

Once Upon a Fable3303d ago

lol I've got a feeling MS won't be going anywhere.

pippoppow3303d ago

Funny how MS gets away with some of their mediocre efforts. Dos gaming was good but required tech savvy individuals to use properly and to the fullest. 95a/b was great as it was a big jump from it's previous split OS architecture. 98b was good as well then came their best to date XP. Everything in between has been mediocre or a slight improvement at best. Some people are just tired of MS dominating the PC OS scene. I've been saying for a few years that MS needs some serious competition, not to destroy MS but to have other viable options and maybe light a fire under them to push their efforts to new heights. I understand how some are looking forward to some real competition as they are just fed up with MS OS products. Years of dissapointment will do that. I for one am waiting for some company to step up and really challenge MS' PC OS stranglehold. If it is at least nearly on par to MS' OS out at the time, then they will get my support and most likely many others.

ChozenWoan3303d ago (Edited 3303d ago )

Chrome, Ubuntu, Fedora... all linux based OSs so it's all good!

Win 95 = good!
Win ME = Bad!
Win XP = Great!
Win Vista = SH!T!
Win 7 = ???

I hope for MS's sake they stick to the pattern... but for consumer's sake, I hope they install Linux and get ahead of the curve.

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