Wipeout HD Now Plastering State Farm Ads On Loading Screens

Discovered within the last two days, several Wipeout HD players from the Wipeout Zone forums report seeing the standard Wipeout HD loading screens randomly being replaced with State Farm video ads, complete with audio.

It appears that the ads are only meant to be for American audiences as no European has confirmed seeing them to this point.

The developers are well known for coming to Wipeout Zone and letting members know of information in advance. They haven't responded to the thread yet, nor did they tell anyone that these ads would be appearing in the game whatsoever.

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doctorstrange3341d ago

never seen them myself, as long as they don't extend the loading times to fit in the ads i dont really mind

PirateThom3341d ago

Disappointing if true. Very disappointing. Glad it's not on my version, but that kind of thing is bull. If you're going to have blatant ads like that, the game should be at a reduced price.

jack_burt0n3341d ago

game is worth double its price anyway imo, rather this route than activisions

Silly gameAr3341d ago

Could be advertising to help Sony to get more money to expand on PSN? That would be cool with me.

I personally have never seen the ad though.

Johnny Rotten3341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

That's pretty lame, I mean come on now it's a freaking arcade game.

This is about as lame as buying the seasons of South Park and having to sit through 5 minutes of Comedy Central ads EVERY TIME you play the first disk... man that really grinds my gears!

Joni-Ice3341d ago

Cmon now, you act like the ads ruined the game. I didnt get Fury yet but I do have Wipeout HD and it a great game. Stop acting as if the ads ruin the game play or something. The ad is on the damn loading screen for crying out loud. Must people complain about every little thing? Will you tell me not to buy a great game because there are ads during the loading screen? Please stop.

mdefalco253341d ago

I work at SF so this is kind of cool!

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