Bionic Commando surpasses 500,000 copies shipped

Capcom revealed that they shipped more than 500,000 copies of Bionic Commando on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

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qface643338d ago

that's not a good number it shipped that much WORLDWIDE
it probably has only sold 100k worldwide

SpaceSquirrel3338d ago

Yea, I wonder how many copies are still on store shelves. It is already discounted at many stores.

mrblacknut3338d ago

Talk about trying desperate for hits. 500,000 SHIPPED to dealers and not sold to consumers.

N4GAddict3338d ago

Did you even read the title? It says shipped.

MGOelite3338d ago

believe it or not this game is actually pretty good and the online is very fun, its very linear but thats its only real problem

jack_burt0n3338d ago

I agree the ps3 version is excellent well worth picking up.

Goldenarmz3338d ago

i enjoyed it very much, the swinging action was fun once you got a rhythm going and he be all WOOOOO lol, and the soundtrack was pretty amazing. Its a fun game.

free2game3653338d ago

That's shipped, not sold, remember when news of this sale's first came out and it ended up selling under 30k copies in the US?