Go Gaming Giant: My Reputation Stars Are Broken

Go Gaming Giant looks at the broken reputation stars system on XBOX Live and if it really does anything at all?

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Natsu X FairyTail3342d ago

lol some people are crazy over live that's true and theres crazy gamers in every game you can play online!

but on the other hand theres the same amount of good gamers that'll say stuff like good fight you got me there etc etc.

I have plenty fun playing Stree Fighter IV on Xbl most of the people I've played arent douche bags.

but I remember that guy who made me Laught like crazy!!! I kicked his ass with Sakura and he was like F!CK YOU B!TCH!! And he left .

haha online gaming is the best.

XBL: DefendedAuto

Go Gaming Giant3340d ago

some of the PC Gamers I've played with are worse than the 360 gamers lol, some people are just ridiculous.