Square Enix Countdown has nothing to do with FFVII

As it turns out, Square Enix's countdown website has absolutely nothing to do with a Final Fantasy VII remake, but with the company's card-based arcade strategy RPG, Lord of Vermilion.

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SlamVanderhuge3060d ago

Figures...kinda hope they never remake FFVII. It looks great the way it is now

Panthers3060d ago

Wow couldnt disagree more. I NEED a FFVII remake that looks as good as the new FF games. Would be amazing. Its hard to always tell what is going on with the block hands and mouth less faces.

chewmandinga3060d ago

i mean the looks would obviously change, because i'm sure they'd want to make it fit in more with Advent Children's colourless looks, which would be awful IMO. I loved the vibrant look of the FFVII world.

another thing that would worry me is the new "expanded universe". with Crisis Core / Before Crisis / Dirge of Cerberus / Advent Children all out, they would no doubt be looking to ret-con the story to make it tie in more with the other media. although i like the other games, i do find it makes the storyline harder to follow, with so much going on. Plus voice acting? not for me thanks.

Plus if they announced a FFVII remake before they get XIII, Versus, Agito, XIV Online and god knows what else, out, i think there'd be some sort of "what-the-f*ck-is-going-o n" backlash.

italianbreadman3060d ago (Edited 3060d ago )

I dunno.

I wasn't on the FF7 train the first time around, and when I made a serious effort to sit down and play it, the visuals were a huge turn-off. The game was released during that era of early 3D graphics with hard, aliased edges on everything, all made out of obviously very few polygons and little to no texture detail/shading/lighting/etc... with rigid animation. I think FF7 looks pretty terrible.

Aside from that, the battle system wasn't one of my favorites, and could use a bit of tweaking. I think a remake of this game would be great, in a wtf-is-the-big-deal sort of way.

I was having such little fun playing FF7 that I quit, downloaded the game's script, and read it instead. Yes, I READ a videogame... I READ Final Fantasy VII.

gintoki7773060d ago

YA make a final fantasy vii remake and let it take them the next 10 years

DeadlyFire3060d ago

Looks like SE likes to tease fans FFVII.

I wonder what this new thing will be though.

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richierich3060d ago

FF7 remake isnt gonna happen face it

italianbreadman3060d ago

For real. If for no other reason than that if it DOES happen, Square Enix won't be able to get people all worked up over the possibility of it happening and then pull the old bait'n'switch anymore.

Natsu X FairyTail3060d ago


like if they did do a remake when would it be released?

in 2010? impossible

I would even doubt a 2011 release because theres too many FF games coming out at the same time.

Natsu X FairyTail3060d ago

somebody called that earlier on today I dont remember his name tho.

Counter_ACT3060d ago

Pretty obvious from the start, wasn't it?

mfwahwah3060d ago

That's what I was gonna say. Everybody who wasn't an idiot could tell it wasn't FFVII (since when was silver surfer in that game?) and the Japanese commentors already mentioned it was probably Lord of Vermilion.

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The story is too old to be commented.