Exclusive 15 mins Magna Carta 2 demo gameplay

Japanese gamers are enjoying the demo of Magna Carta 2 which hit the marketplace a few days ago. Check out the action and general skipping of Japanese dialogue in the entire demo captured for your viewing.

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Natsu X FairyTail3340d ago

atleast now I know what to do! I was stuck

N4PS3G3340d ago

Even thou i don't have high hopes for this game i wanna know how's the demo...what do you think of it?

Natsu X FairyTail3340d ago

The controls are very easy to understand even if you dont understand japanese and the Chain Break system is a nice addition to the way you play . You can't be rushing and just buttong mash your way trough a battle you have to use tactics alot.

the town parts looked simple not mind blowing but on par with towns you could see in Final Fantasy XII.

theres other stuff that I couldnt understand though because it's in japanese but at the time this looks like a good rpg.

GameGambits3340d ago

I've been keeping an eye on this game for a while and honestly at first it looked like a bad game, but now I think it's def. the best RPG coming out in 2009 next to Demon's Souls.(USA wise anyways, since FF13 in Japan will probably kick more butt)

Either way with so many games getting pushed to 2010 this game moved up on my list of games I might get in 2009.

ShadesMoolah3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

-You need to start off by switching leader in menu.
-Then perform overdrive attacks
-Then Chain attacks with all 3
-Then Chain Break
-Then Magic attack with Crocell
-Then Overdrive Attack with Crocell.

That beast takes a beating and still stands.

Natsu X FairyTail3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

take a beating and still stand.

THIS WAS THE TRAINING PART OF THE DEMO can't expect him to jump on you while you dont even know how to play!

Myst3340d ago

Looking pretty nice, definitely a game I would like to get my hands on.

dimitry213340d ago

only 360 can have something this boring fantasy 13 anyone

N4PS3G3340d ago

360 also haves Final Fantasy by your logic..Final Fantasy 13 must be boring too since its on 360

Natsu X FairyTail3340d ago

stupid comment of the day.

last time I checked the worst next gen rpg game was Cross edge and that's on PS3 .

Myst3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

Kind of funny coming from someone with a Final Fantasy 13 avatar. That is if you are being serious or at least insinuating that FF13 is boring.

Natsu don't say that Cross-edge is fun and it's going to be on 360 also.

You guys outta just enjoy the games were getting instead of trying to one up the other person who is merely trying to make the owners of the other console feel bad. Just act like adults about it and prove them wrong using logic, rather than resorting to the silly bickering of thrashing each others systems.


I feel I should clarify when I say logic, i don't mean to resort to saying things that are negative about a system but rather constructively taking the other person down such as shown about. He has a FF13 avatar, he said something bad about it and connected it with the 360. Yet the game is also on PS3 which he is probably glorifying so that makes him look silly in many ways.

lordcrackpot3340d ago

funny, last time I checked "worst next gen rpg" Cross Edge is coming to the Xbox 360 also.

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dimitry213340d ago


Aloren3340d ago

True !

Can you imagine getting up every 10 or 20 hours, going all the way to your console, changing dvds, and then walking all the way back to the couch ? That must be terrible, I bet it totally ruins the gaming experience....

N4PS3G3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

yeahh..cus more CD's make a completely different game sarcasm*

like watching Old Snake for 2-3 minutes smoking between every chapter is any different ;)

3340d ago
whothedog3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

I'm interested in vs 13 not 13 so no

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