EA: Home Is Extremely Powerful

PlayStation Home, a community based service created by Sony Computer Entertainment's London and Cambridge studios, launched to the public in the fall of 2008. Since its inception, it has received a massive amount of new spaces, updates, and features. One of the most robust spaces, EA's Sports Complex, has attracted many Home users in part because of the assortment of mini games and free content that they offer. Today is glad to announce that they have the Lead Producer of the EA Sports Complex with them to answer some of their questions.

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Nick2120043275d ago

I truly feel that the EA Sports Complex is the best space to date in PlayStation Home.

jwatt3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

Yea I was going to say that, not only does it have poker but it has stat tracking and your own bankroll. Only thing is they need more tables because there so many people trying to play.

I also think more third party developers are starting to see the benefits of home, and Ea is definitely leading the way.

Maddens Raiders3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

yes it is. And there is nothing better than the Ward of Despair (in the Siren space) and the Namco Museum spaces imho. The Ward of Despair is a virtual rave - can't tell you how many little honeys I've met there, and just overall cool people on a whole.

With that said these two apps w/i an app only scratch the surface. I just bought NCAA 10 only if EA could make their damn football games a little more ((powerful))......ahh I ask too much don't I? lol

starvinbull3274d ago

EA stunned me when they launched the space. So much branding and architecture it doesnt just feel like a room it feels like EA heaven. They need to add more to it obviously but I'm telling you now that Home will be huge. Before the EA space I was in two minds whether people would jump on boiard but now it's pretty obvious that those that don't support it will be at a disadvantage.
As far as core gamers go when their favourite game is supported in home they'll have a look. When they best clans in resistance and killzone are launching from Home then we'll know it's truly working properly.

I personally want to see a LBP space in home.

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MetalGearBear 3275d ago

yeah, it true.
it more powerful than non-home bored Mii.

Nick2120043274d ago

The one thing you do have to hand to the Nintendo Miis is that you can actually use them inside of full fledged games unlike PlayStation Home, but other than that, I agree with you.

WildArmed3274d ago

lol @ 'full fledged' i dont know why but it made me laugh :D

doctorstrange3275d ago

Nice interview, good to see EA really investing time into Home, can't wait for other developers to do the same

Nick2120043275d ago

Thanks. Expect more coming soon. If you have not seen our Killzone 2 interview yet, check out the link below.

RememberThe3573274d ago

" If you could change one thing about Home, what would it be?

Rob Burnett: I would add more muscles to my avatar, my guy is way too skinny!"

I was thinking the same thing!

PHOSADRA3275d ago

I am someone who enjoys Home and loves the updates.
Everyone won't like Home but those who do will have a great time.

EA is doing well with Home and if other devs do the same Home will become even better!

There are nice features that require interactions with other people
such as the Buzz space and Ward of Despair. They even provide lots of solo fun with Namco and the Events Space(play fat princess yet?)
The new theater now has 10 screens!

As I said before everyone won't like Home. But if they come back in a little while I wouldn't be suprised if they changed their minds!

Nick2120043275d ago

I agree that they are doing a great job of bringing us content, but they need to focus on features and other things to keep us coming back longer and more often. I cannot wait until they get the full movies and tv shows playing in the theater. That is the kind of stuff they need to add besides many of these worthless spaces.

cmrbe3275d ago

positive of not setting standards.

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