Infinity Ward Aware of Call of Duty 4 hack issues on the PlayStation 3

Infinity Ward is aware of the problematic hack issues of the PlayStation 3, regarding Call of Duty 4. They also investigating the glitchers. This is what Infinity Ward just tweet on Twitter:

"Thanks for all the feedback from our COD4 PS3 users. We hear you loud and clear and are investigating the glitchers. (via @fourzerotwo)"

*Please do report all cheaters to Sony. When doing so PLEASE remain calm. Abusive reports do no good and you risk being ignored or reprimanded by Sony. Being calm is the best way to address this situation.

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The Hunter3157d ago (Edited 3157d ago )

Fortunately, Infinity Ward do something against that cheaters, I wanna just play Call of Duty 4 on the PlayStation 3, but then i hear about this ridiculous issue. People flying, Always ammo and they cant die, CoD 4 was dead on the PS3.. But Finally they do something!

EDIT: Why the disagree? I think it was also a cheater, or not?

GiantEnemyCrab3157d ago

I gave you an agree. Cheaters suck!

Cwalat3157d ago

I agree, sadly the cheaters are all over COD games.. even World at war is cheaters heaven.

Bubble Buddy3157d ago

Good I hate freakin glitchers. like seriously, people flying wtf. o_0

somekindofmike3157d ago

@ The Hunter

maybe some people disagree (not me) with you for describing it as dead on the PS3? I play COD4 regularly on PS3, and as far as i'm aware, I have never seen any signs of this. So calling it dead is a bit extreme, but maybe i've just been lucky.

It's good that to hear a problem I wasn't aware of is getting fixed though before it ruins a game I'm in :)

evrfighter3157d ago

is it really that bad on consoles?

flying people really?

cl63AMG3157d ago (Edited 3157d ago )

yeah the people move towards you like that girl from the ring, its kinda creepy they move and stop and you shoot them and they don't die.

EDIT: on topic, I'm glad IW is at least acknowledging that there is a problem. Hopefully theyll patch it or something so that we can go back to playin

The Hunter3157d ago (Edited 3157d ago )

Ok i dont mean it excally that way, but what i mean with: 'CoD 4 was dead on the PS3' is that the cheaters killed Call of Duty 4 for the PlayStation 3.. I think u will agree that it wasnt fun to play CoD4 anymore, or not? (for the people they are killed by the cheaters)

I say it also in the open zone that Call of Duty 4 is the most online played game on the PlayStation 3, so there you go ;)

Just for clarification!

fanboi hater3157d ago

i played for the first time in months and i saw two separate people glitching and flying around as well as being invulnerable

somekindofmike3157d ago

@ - Hunter

Sounds like i've been very lucky :) I do agree, if this problem wasn't fixed, & it became so widespread that the average game had cheaters in it, then It would definitely destroy the game experience.

I'm just really surprised I haven't seen it, the amount I play the game.

agentace3157d ago (Edited 3157d ago )

well it is dead now, i just came off of it 20mins ago and about 8/12 people were doing it in every game, its unplayable now which is good because people can finally realize how crap COD is compared to other games

uie4rhig3156d ago

last night i played 4 different matches, all of them contained at least one glitcher, and all of them were flying.. first time i seen the flying glitch.. really annoying.. and in most of them they cant even shoot or be shot unless they come out of the glitch.. there was even one where some dude went in to the ground and dude was killing everyone of the enemy one by one.. i seriously hope that iw does something about this soon.. coz there are more and more glitchers coming!

Statix3156d ago

You know what? I bought COD4 on PS3 on day 1, and I've never personally once encountered anyone who couldn't die or flying people. Granted, however, I haven't been playing the game that much recently; perhaps this is a recent phenomenon?

Still, if there are cheating issues on the PS3 version, then I would hope very much that Infinity Ward resolves the problem straightaway, and prevents such cheating for Modern Warfare 2 as well.

MerkinMax3156d ago

Hardcore Search and Destroy is ruined because of this hack. That's the only gametype I enjoy.

IrishRepublicanArmy3156d ago

i had never seen one hacker in all my days playing cod4 on the ps3 but last week i seen 3 in 1 day!! one happened to be a friend! it must have only recently become a major problem.

RememberThe3573156d ago

How exactly do you report cheaters anyway?

cherrypie3153d ago


It is not that bad "on consoles". It is only that bad on the PS3. The Xbox 360 and Xbox LIVE can detect cheats.

As a result there is virtually no cheating on the Xbox 360 nor Xbox LIVE.

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crillyconlig3157d ago

they where at it, but its realy satisfying shooting them out of the sky

sack_boi3157d ago

What's the point, they can't die?

somekindofmike3157d ago

has this i'm just happened or something? I haven't played COD today or yesterday, but I do play it very regularly and have not experienced this.

goflyakite3157d ago

I saw it for the first time a week ago, but now literally every single game you join there is at LEAST one glitcher.

crillyconlig3157d ago

sometimes you can kill them others you cant, but when you kill a glitcher its realy satisfying because your spoiling their cheating

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shutupandplay3157d ago

Hmmm, this MUST be a mistake. Only mature and well-behaved people play on PSN. Please excuse Infinity Ward for their ignorance.

sack_boi3157d ago

Yeah, basically, only Jesus and his buddies game on PSN

-MD-3157d ago

Weren't people saying the reason the PS3 version was superior was because the 360 version is "hacked". I'm laughing really hard.

The_Beast3157d ago

xbl isnt more hacked... its fun hopping on halo 3 when you shoot somone and they run through a wall...

Solans Scott3157d ago

Ties up any lose ends with Modern Warfare 2 (in terms the ease at which people can find and exploit glitches) and Sony bans persons that are discovered cheating. If I lose a game I want to be beaten by superior players not cheaters.

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