Alan Wake devs talk story, gameplay, sequel possibilities


"A recall that a few months back, I got a few frantic messages from my co-worker Conrad Zimmerman in reference to a little game by the name of Alan Wake. "Oh my God," he said. "Alan Wake has completely blown me away -- you have to see this game. RIGHT NOW." I watched the E3 video of the game and certainly thought it looked fascinating -- after all, the protagonist's predicament reminded me of a mix of my beloved Silent Hill 2 and the best of the best Stephen King novels."

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Sunny_D3271d ago

I was enticed by this game until I found out that the sandbox gameplay was scrapped for the generic linear third person shooter with a cheesy storyline.

GiantEnemyCrab3271d ago

There are still open world elements. It's just not a sandbox. So say, that mountain in the background you can't go and climb it.

Nobody said it's going to be a totally linear experience.

N4PS3G3271d ago

go play Max Payne before you look like an idiot.... too late

Sonyslave33271d ago

If you love uncharted 2 then you will love alan wake.

PirateThom3271d ago

Not necessarily.

Uncharted 2 is a third person action adventure.
Alan Wake is a third person psychological horror.

While it is possible to love both games, it's not like they're the same genre...

Obama3271d ago

Aside from the gameplay differences, the graphic of Alan Wake is much inferior than that of Uncharted 2.

GiantEnemyCrab3271d ago

Another day one purchase! This sounds like the physiological thriller I've been waiting for.. If it's even half as good as Max Payne then this will be a stellar title. Remedy rocks!

N4PS3G3271d ago

When Alan takes out the flare and starts walking in slow mo makes this game look even better.

Cajun Chicken3271d ago

I agree, I love that they put a little Max Payne type gameplay in there. Very reassuring.

RockmanII73271d ago

Wait till the game is released. I don't want Alan Wake to become the next Too Human

madpuppy3271d ago

Talk about jumping the gun...

Natsu X FairyTail3271d ago

everytime a big game is coming out they talk about the possibilites of making sequels. it's always like that. can'T blame them though

socomnick3271d ago

I would imagine that the sequels would all be original, since Alan Wake is a fiction writer and the games are based on nightmares he has from his novels. Much like Stephen King , I would imagine that every single Alan Wake novel is completely different and a completely different horror story.

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The story is too old to be commented.