New Gran Turismo PSP Screenshots: ZR1, Saleen, & More

Here's a few more Gran Turismo PSP screenshots, showing off the Saleen S7, Mercedes' SLR McLaren, Ferrari Enzo, and Ford GT. No doubt, the shots look exceptionally good for any game – but are they too good? As with the previous batch, these will no doubt spark lots of debate as to their "legitimacy". You be the judge!

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xTruthx3420d ago

If this game is looking really nice, I cant imagine what they are doing with GT5

Maddens Raiders3420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

@ people denying that these aren't "in-game", especially from the house that Yamauchi built.

below: true close second, the strip (guages, tach, odom. etc) are shown when one is racing, but all of these shots are achievable when in replay mode. Just take a look at any of the shots of GT:P "in-game" and during replay and they both look incredible.

Not sure about the jaggies you're speaking of in relation to the PSP's AA'g capabilities, so I can't speak to that....I read somewhere that the PSP is capable of AA, but that not all games use it, so....

Overall - I think that anyone who doesn't think PD is possible of producing this type of graphical fidelity, even on a 2009.....really doesn't know PD.

inbfour3420d ago

I with PD working on it I wouldn't doubt that these are indeed in game.

Elimin83420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

Oh..... Me.... Lord...

*Picks mouth from off the floor*

Cwalat3420d ago

All those shots are ingame, but it's obvious that they were taken directly from PC. The PSP Go lacks in screen size inorder to actually see all that detail. But it is definitely REAL ingame shots.

People thinking that it's not.. just take a look at the track, it lacks the detail of CGI.

PD are animals when it comes to detail, and it's no doubt in my mind that GT PSP will look just as stunning as GT5 but ofcourse designed for PSP.

MNicholas3420d ago

Even if the background geometry is PS2ish, cars and lighting are right out of PGR4. Then again the specs are pretty mindblowing as well. The GPU alone has 5.3GB/s of bandwidth.

God of War looked pretty incredible on PSP as well.

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Sonyslave33420d ago

Shameless bullshots again, i dont know why PD show this to fool people when the real game looks excellent for a PSP hardware.

xTruthx3420d ago

Sony this isnt MS we are talking about, thats what people said about the uncharted 2 beta, that they where bull shots, same about killzone 2, but what happened? they werent bull shots

Close_Second3420d ago

None of those shots are from in-game. In-game shots have the strip at the bottom which shows speed, gear, etc. In game shots also suffer from a severe case of the jaggies as the PSP does not really have any real-time AA.

If you think that GT on the PSP will look as good as the shots you're defending whilst playing the game then you're just fooling yourself.

Raf1k13420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

They do look too good for ingame shots.

Does the game have some sort of photo-mode? I'm asking since the gameplay vids were very impressive so I'm not so sure as to whether these are in game shots or not.

edit: the more I look at these and the gameplay vid the more I think these aren't in game.

edit2: @Maddens Raiders. Thanks for that. So the photomode enhances the image? Looking at the images of the cars in the selection screen it's clear they don't look as good as those posted in this article.

Maddens Raiders3420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

Yes, there is definitely a photo mode.

I can't believe that some still doubt PD's capabilities in this day and age.

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Ninjamonkey823420d ago

Looking amazing for a handheld ill buy another psp to replace my cracked one :) Just for this game. Looks sweet.

I can't wait for gt5 aswell we in for some treats as driving fans this year.

Shift and Dirt2 aswell :)

gamesonsmash3420d ago

the game is real good. plays real smooth perfect for the psp go

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