Confirmed: Braid Coming To PSN [Update]

July 31, 2009 - Original story: According to the German games rating website, Braid, the indie darling game of 2008, may finally be on its way to the Playstation Network.

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qface643302d ago

congrats to the people who actually wanted the game

WildArmed3302d ago

I've tried braid on 360, and it was a great game.
Might even pick up the full game this time around.

Cwalat3302d ago

Cool, i think alot of people will enjoy this game on PSN.

But this isn't my type of game, so i'll pass.

But awesome nonetheless.

Blaze9293302d ago

so is THIS the "fan-favorite" xbox 360 game that was headed to the PS3? If so PS3 only owners should be happy, this game kicks ass!

3301d ago
Redempteur3301d ago

i'm sorry if we get EACH TIME improved versions of your games .
Remember ?
Ninja gaiden 2 that got improved ?
Tales of vesperia that got a MAssive improvement ?

your memory is still foggy ?

Then i'll NOT talk about bioshock and the new levels ..
We can be happy since our games get improved EACH time because it's a condition sony made in that case .

So yeah we're soo happy to get the DEFINITIVE version each time

beavis4play3301d ago

but i guess it isn't coming soon as the update said info on release would be coming in the next few months.

Ragnarok3301d ago

@pppppeach - You sure?

I don't get all this hatred for a "platform". It comes off as a hater of gaming in general - and haters suck.

Back when I had a C64 and my friend had a AtariST we loved getting to go to each other's house and play the games we both had. Same thing happened when I had a TuroGrafx-16 and he had a Genesis. Neither of us cared what the specs of the boxes were... it was about having fun.

So what kills me is I know another person who acts just like you pppppeach. He is insistent that there can be only one system and one winner. He chose Xbox and defends it to this day and berates every other system that exists.

He also goes on and on about how Sony will go out of business and the PS3 is a horrible game system.

People that ONLY have an Xbox REALLY believe this? Really? Can't we be straight up for once? He has predicted the PS3 would fail it's first year, second year and now this year. He claimed it was not powerful enough to play games Bioshock and Ninja Gaiden 2. He just won't stop and now none of us will associate with him, and we all have a mix of platforms. Some have all systems, some have PS3, Wii or Xbox only. Regardless... none of us can take the crazed lunacy he projects anymore.

The kicker is, he sounded just like you, but took a different track on games that used to be exclusive to a competing platform. Soul Calibur, Final Fantasy, Tekken, etc. have been his target for years as "games he doesn't want to play anyway cause they're crap". But now that they are coming out on Xbox, he of course changed his tune to "we stole away the PlayStation exclusives!". I take it he, you, EVERY Xbox only owners will NOT be buying any of these titles because you initially felt they were sub-par? See the parallel here? See how you come off like a hater?

To this day, he complains about the crappy Metal Gear Solid games, the horrible Killzone 2 release and the gay LittleBigPlanet he would never play... because they aren't on Xbox.

Don't be this guy. Enjoy games as a form of entertainment, not bragging rights or justification of where you choose to spend money. I get to enjoy video games regardless of whose house I'm at and what systems they have.

Don't be a hater, because in my mind, regardless of platform... haters suck and should find another hobby. Hand the car keys over and take the bus, your incessant arguing is tiresome and we've all got games to play in peace.

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ballsofsteel3302d ago

although i've already played this on PC this is a great game to the expanding PSN library

Chubear3302d ago

The 360 fanbase are such suckers.

Every gen you get gamers like this and they never ever learn. 3D0, Jaguar, Xbox etc etc It's like a giant sign shouting "JUMP OFF! JUMP THE f* OFF NOW!" but they just keep going.

Are you aware the the more time the 360's on the market the more it decreases in value? re-sale 360 elites hold roughly the same value as well maintained PS2 slims. Hell, you won't find companies like gamespot even accepting anything xbox for re-sale.

There's a sucker every gen and that's just the way it is seems.

Berserk13302d ago (Edited 3302d ago )

BUT BU T BU T BUT Braid IS xbot360 exclusive .

Thank you bots again for testing the beta for us as always i really appreciate it


TO THE BOT under ME Suck it xcocks.

-MD-3302d ago (Edited 3302d ago )

It's on PC too. And the PSN release doesn't have any new features so how exactly is our version the beta? Fail.

Lol nice edit, you mad?

2FootYard3302d ago (Edited 3302d ago )

I'm glad more people get to enjoy this.

The two slaves above me wouldn't be able to appreciate it though.

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