Activision details Tony Hawk Ride's 'celebrity' roster

Joystiq:"Though we could call the list of folks showing their faces in Tony Hawk Ride a whole mess of things, one we wouldn't call it is "celebrity." Rather than drop in famous folks like Steve-O or, umm, Wolverine, the list that Eurogamer nabbed features more actual skateboarders than anything else. "

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mrv3213272d ago

This looks really new, I've never seen a platic add on used to hike up prices and despite it being called a peripheral it's just a game... like GH1,2,3,4,WT,5... DJ hero.

This game will be not in anyway good or worth it, it'd be a cheaper to buy a skateboard than this. Activision should get what's coming to them but whenever gamers get fed up with them they just release some trailer from some sequel... and you'll shut up.

RustInPeace3272d ago

Oh hell yeah. WAY cheaper to buy a real board, even if you broke it and had to buy a new one. Plus, it's a LOT more fun to actually ride on a skateboard, just like it's way better to play a real guitar. This is just another way to milk money from the masses, no matter how appealing/unappealing.