A Critical Review - Battlefield 2

The 3rd in a series of gaming reviews created and produced by Cloud97 (Me). This one reguards a game known by the ages as Battlefield 2. Enjoy the video.

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Pandamobile3157d ago (Edited 3157d ago )

Why the hell did this get approved. We don't need reviews of 4 year old games.

Also, stop trying to be Yahzee.

Cloud973157d ago

How about you shut your fat mouth you stupid cunt.

Pandamobile3157d ago

You've got a great attitude.

Nike3157d ago

The Yahtzee similarities are too close to not be a coincidence.

Also, Cloud97, I don't know which juvenile guidelines you read and agreed to but utter garbage, even it be your mother tongue, is reserved for the Open Zone. And your C-grade high school classroom.

SRU96003157d ago (Edited 3157d ago )

Why so angry, cloud97?

It's like someone touched your "naughty bits" when you were still a wee lad and you have never been able to get over it, or something.

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nighthawk37293157d ago (Edited 3157d ago )

I'm watching going, "ugh yea, you usually get shot in fps online games.....

A couple parts make me laugh, other parts were just, "ugh yea, if you run into enemy territory you usually get shot" like at the end there. Or if they are spam nading? Ugh, go so try going another way. Call me crazy....

I had over 100 plus hours on karkand alone when I stopped playing, so yea, no stranger to death here. It's called playing online! Rofl!

brokendeck083157d ago

this was one of if not the best modern fps out there at the time yes it had problems ,and yes you die alot but like nighthawk said you DIE in online games .and if you think you are that other funnier brit your not .try to review A game newer than 4 or 5 years old kid

RollingOnNubz3157d ago

You die alot because you just suck, nub.

BF2 is at least an 8.5/10. It wasted over 1000 hours of my life on that game.

Pandamobile3157d ago

Even 8.5 is a stretch. This game is nearly perfect.

(I think it still holds the record for the largest maps in an FPS)

RollingOnNubz3157d ago

I wouldn't call it perfect with the sometimes shoddy hit detection. But I absolutely loved it anyway, if only because of mods like PoE2, FH2, AIX, and PR.

PoE2 was definitely my favorite.

Pandamobile3157d ago

Hit detection is my only beef with BF2. Otherwise I find it to be perfect =3

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