Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Producer Answers Questions About Online Play, Sequel Possibilities

Huge Tatsunoko vs Capcom interview from Siliconera

How is the online play system shaping up?

Ryota Niitsuma, Producer: We wanted to make this game so you can play it over a network and have leaderboards. The main thing is the Wii itself isn't suited to that. It isn't optimized for playing online. We're working right now to polish it so there aren't any problems with lag when playing online.

That's interesting. I hear Eighting already developed an online mode for an upcoming Naruto game. Is Tatsunoko vs. Capcom using the same code?

We did take elements that they [Eighting] developed from the Naruto game, but we almost had to start from scratch with this because there hasn't really been such a hardcore fighting game on the Wii. We could use some elements from the Naruto fighting game, but we had to go a step further and almost rebuild the system to handle this type of game.

Will the online mode support Wii Speak?

I can't say for sure at the end how it's going to turn out, but right now it does not support Wii Speak. We're still in the development process so in the end it could.

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lizard812883275d ago

the sequel might be wii only again?...

FinalomegaS3275d ago

if it's using the triforce board it might be wii only again.

knox3275d ago

i woukldnt have a problem with that but id like to see the original game first

bigjclassic3274d ago

because of ONLINE!!

also TvC2 should be out in Japan this year

Redempteur3274d ago

"A lot of it is a time constraint issue, but for the most part the Japanese voices will be the only voices you hear in the American version. The text will be in English so there won’t be any problems with players not understanding what’s going on."

thank you !!
I don't want ryu (or any other character ) speaking the english name of their moves ...

"t would be a disservice to fans to just put out this one game that they buy sticks for and then they have nothing more to play. Since this one is for the Wii, maybe the sequel will also be on the Wii."

SO if this one is a succès more fighting games for the wii mght come from capcom ??? . sory guys , but now there is really no reason to pass this up

-Mezzo-3274d ago

NAH!!!! i am done with fighting genres.

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