Halo 3: ODST Vs. M.A.G: Round 2 – Weapon Balance

Blend Games writes:

"Last week we compared two first-person shooters for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in the category of multiplayer versatility. Without a shadow of a doubt many gamers felt that M.A.G won that bout hands-down. And according to the poll results, only one out of every three gamers tend to see Halo 3: ODST as providing the better multiplayer options in comparison to M.A.G.

This week we cover the topic of weapon balance for both games. Will Halo 3:ODST have better weapons and balance or M.A.G? Joining us for this week is Kev. J and l.m.h from Electronic Theatre."

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Trollimite3301d ago

aside from the obvious fanboy backlash this article is bound to get, the only similarities between these 2 games is that their both first person shooters.

cant both of these games just co exist without being compared?

Myst3300d ago

I agree with you and was just about to come in here and say the same thing, both have their following (will M.A.G will most likely gain a following), but for the most part they are still different games.

Though I'd like to point out do we really have weapon balance in this little versus title..

wiggles3300d ago

I looked at the title and I was like is an entire game set around multiplayer while the other one has single/multiplayer. This article is such bogus...doesn't it sound familiar? Websites did dumb ass comparisons like this between Prototype and inFamous like a month or two ago...and the conclusion...they both have super powers....what a discovery!!

NewShadow1013300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

i vote halo for now, halo changed the way you play first person shooters. M.A.G. i cannot comment on right now, i havent read into it much. but i see major lag... but who would make a massive multiplayer like that without thinking of the drawbacks. well see...

raztad3300d ago

It's hard to compare a semi-MMO FPS like MAG, (persistent war, massive landscape, chain of command) with a conventional online multiplayer FPS like Halo.

prabx3300d ago

Its even harder when the games are due to release, and I doubt these guys have even got the chance to play the games (even if they have, nomore than 3 or 4 hours+ to get some good expierence and compare).

MGOelite3300d ago

ones is a massive full game and the other is a gloryfied expansion pack, comparison over.

cyguration3300d ago

Halo fanboys will buy into the expansion pack craze?

pure pwnage243300d ago


but Halo fanboys will stay pay 60$ for a game with the same multiplayer and a 2 year old graphics engine

slugg3300d ago

Is what led to the explosion of FPS' on consoles. The controls never felt right before Halo: Combat Evolved on the original Xbox. So no matter what, MAG owes a huge debt of gratitude to Halo from the outset. Seems ridiculous to compare these; Halo ODST has three predicessors that you can play RIGHT NOW, all of which are defining experiences in multiplayer and online multiplayer. MAG is a new game from the people who made SOCOM, so supposing u compare the SOCOM games to the Halo games...the "winner" is obvious.

CaptainKratos3300d ago

MAG? thats where you going gonna say right? 8)

CaptainKratos3300d ago

cuz it looks cool, and i dont have a

wiggles3300d ago

Not to mention if the devs can pull it off will be an amazing experience, instead of just shooting guys for the hell of it you have a chain of command, not to mention objectives that will change and actually make sense!....I can't wait for this to come out.

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