Number of SEGA titles sold for each system - Q1 2009 financial report

SEGA has released sales numbers for the amount of games sold for each system, which comes from the company's Q1 2009 financial results.

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knox3185d ago

so ps3 is the big winner, it helps that they got games like yakuza 3 on there

cmrbe3185d ago

why they haven't brought it to the west yet.

crazy250003185d ago

i dont want to import then they release it here with tons of extra content!

blackbeld3185d ago

Why they don't bring it to the USA? I tell you why..... Because they are STUPID !!!!

You Already Know3185d ago

you can erase that "yet" part...because it's not coming here...

I am going to bombard them with letters to get that game localized!

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topgeareasy3185d ago

they say it won't because the 2nd one only sold 40,000

knox3185d ago

is that in the us or??......i wanna play it bad =(

cmrbe3185d ago

However, i think it came out late on the PS2 and with no one knowing much about it.

I am sure its a different story this time. With a bit of marketing and with no game of its type for competition this year i am pretty sure it would have done at least decent in the west this holiday season.

Raf1k13185d ago

Apparently they didn't actually say that.

From what I've read it seems that people just ended up with that assumption.

As far as I know it's not been said that it won't/will go to the US so keep your fingers crossed.

Uzesgelen_Goo3185d ago

even it's a ps2 game still awesome!

You Already Know3185d ago

it wasn't an assumption, they were actually contacted...and rejected the idea of bringing the game to the west..

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sinncross3185d ago

I wonder if SEGA will put fifth phantom saga back into production for the PS3.

The system does well for them it seems.

deshon093185d ago

to go ahead and import my copy of yakuza 3 it is truly a great game

v1c1ous3185d ago

Nintendo has done VERY well for Sega :o

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