Is the iPhone a Legit Gaming Handheld?

Earlier this month Apple celebrated its year anniversary of the "App Store" and what a year it had been. More than fifty thousand apps. had released in that time, and to the surprise of some, the majority of those were games.

Since then, many have questioned whether or not the iPhone is a gaming handheld. The answer can be fuzzy, and isn't as simple as a yes or no.

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meepmoopmeep3337d ago

if it can play games and has a slew of them, why not?

Hisiru3337d ago

No buttons = no fighting games. Iphone is a smartphone and nothing else IMO.

Elimin83337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

took the words right out of my mouth but on the other hand no. maybe short bursts here n there that bout it... a mini player..

Rowland3337d ago

Of course it is - & so is the ipod touch. They are also good to lure Chickens with.

crazy250003337d ago

ive never heard of people buying it for gaming and spending all day tryin to finish games....for me its just for fun if i have 5-10 minutes to waste

Cajun Chicken3337d ago

Hmm, I have no iPhone, (I would LOVE one) but it seems that iPhone handles games and apps perfectly, one could say, in theory, it could be whatever the Amiga was listed under.

Crayon3337d ago

Depends on who you are speaking with. Some people would immediately put their iPhones/iPods on the same level as the DS or PSP. Some would say that it's a silly platform that can only play mini games. Regardless if it's a gaming handheld, Apple is getting a crap load of money. So in a way, it's a handheld but it still lacks the depth that most handheld games have except in the case of a few games (Zenonia for example).

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