The Top 10 First and Second Party Studios: Sony

Koku Gamer writes: "We started off with Nintendo and their top 10, and a few days ago we gave the same treatment for Microsoft. Now its Sony's turn. In some ways this was easy to put together but also very difficult, because in the last 15 years Sony's PlayStation has been on the market, they have acquired many AAA studios. That's why it was hard. Many of my personal favorite franchises are made by Sony's first and second party studios. So here we go, here is Sony's Top 10 first and second party studios."

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Wriggy3277d ago

Looking at the list, I'd agree Naughty Dog were the best studio for Sony. Their loyalty throughout the 15 years has really helped the PlayStation and Sony.

Troll_Police3276d ago

Loyalty? Sony owns Naughty Dog. They can't go anywhere.

Kleptic3276d ago

well from a business standpoint I think it would be Polyphony at the top with their 60million plus selling GT franchise...then Insomniac (even being independent) as they pump out a blockbuster title nearly annually...

but if this is strictly from talent, and ability to squeeze out new successful IP's, ND would easily be at the top or right near it...Uncharted 2 is going to be HUGE...

I didn't read the MS or Nintendo lists...does MS even have 10 studios?...they have plenty of big devs that make an exclusive game or two...but that does not count in something like this...because if that was the case, Kojima productions should also be grouped in with Sony...

LordMarius3276d ago

The MS list has third party studios....
Just goes to show you how Sony doesnt need them to put out exclusive

Elimin83276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

I agree with you except i think naughty dog is way more talented and produce better games than insomniac....not to say that insomniac don't dish it out, they do... "My 2cents" i just think head to head ND wins But Insomniac still kills. At any rate they're all great developers..

Chubear3276d ago

... you'll have to do a TOP 30 cause Top 10 just isn't nearly enough.

Dark General3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

I agree with the list but disagree with the order. Sony Santa Monica or Poly Digital should be number 1 with the other claiming spot 2. Insomniac should be 3 because of the high quality yearly titles (even though Resistance and R&C isn't my cup of tea). I'd place Naughty Dog in 4th place. I LOVE Uncharted but I don't think they've done as much more frequently than the 3 aforementioned studio's.

doctorstrange3276d ago

Is that they house the Playstation ICE team, so they are responsible for creating a lot of the background features of the PS3 for developers which shows just how awesome they are

Elimin83276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

One successful game does not mean best/greatest developer. ND has at least three very successful franchises.... Crash "which was sold", Jak & Daxter & uncharted..... Poloyphony gave us GT which is great but why can't ND be #1 That is my 1cent.....

Dark General3276d ago

I'm not a GT fan (I only like Test Drive as far as racers go) but the series can NOT be denied. Gran Turismo has been HUGE franchise for over 10 years. How huge? It most sold game sold more than any SIMS, Halo, GTA, or any other big selling game you can think of not named Mario, Pokemon or Nintendogs/Wii play. That's how big the franchise is. To put it simply it's Sony's "Mario" franchise. That can not be under valued.

Insomniac I already explained. As for putting Sony Santa Monica above Naughty Dog that's debatable seeing as they've only released GoW and Warhawk.

shadow27973276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

The fact that we can debate over which devs deserve the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. spots truly shows how great these studios are.

Great list.

Elimin83276d ago

I feel you like i said I just think ND deserve more cred than they get... P.s I got all GT's.... well xept 5 and psp of course...

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PirateThom3277d ago

The only change I would make would be Team ICO above Santa Monica, but that's just nitpicking. Damn, Sony have some great developers. Every one of them has made a good game.

LordMarius3276d ago

quite the talent Sony has there

Cenobia3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

I would have made them #1.

Sure their games don't come out very frequently...but if Sony released the PS3 and a Team ICO game for $600 with no intention of releasing any other games ever, I still would have bought it.

That's how much I fudging love that studio and their games.

doctorstrange3276d ago

Santa Monica has helped with a lot of games, such as Warhawk and Flower as well as making the great GOW series

Carnage12903277d ago

I agree with Naughty Dog as well, especially considering they are putting out the ps3's biggest game this year.

Ziriux3277d ago

Good we can all agree that Uncharted is amazing and that Naughty Dogg has done something on the PS3 that most devs can't.

raztad3276d ago

In term of productivity I think the best developer Sony has is Insomnia Games, any other developer can't match what those guys produce in terms of both quality/quantity.

Santa Monica is my best second option, GoW is too epic and those guys at SM knows how to get the best from the hardware.

Ziriux3277d ago

Easily TEAM ICO, I mean Shadow of the Colossus and now The Last Guardian, I've always been about story lines and I think that ICO has the touch when it comes to feeling the emotion of your character.

Cajun Chicken3277d ago

Totally agree with Naughty Dog. Although I would say that Insomniac should maybe be number 2 for delivering a high quality game each year for about the last 7 or so years and having two franchises co-existing in different genres and for different audiences.