Wii Sports approaches 50 million copies sold

Joystiq Writes....In a supplement to Nintendo's earnings statement yesterday, the company released some sales numbers for top-selling games in the last quarter. Four Nintendo products sold over one million copies between April and July, only one of which was a new release anywhere in the world during that time.

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cmrbe3341d ago

these are crazy numbers. One game and it sells as much as GT all put together. It really is crazy.

RockmanII73341d ago

I count Wii Play as the highest selling video game because it isn't bundled (22.98 million copies sold).

Fun Fact of the Day: Did you know only 8 games have sold more than 20 million copies. All 8 of those games were released on a Nintendo console.

Wii Sports – 47.62 million (Bundled)
Super Mario Bros - 40.23 million (Bundled)
Tetris – 35 million (Bundled)
Wii Play – 22.98 million
Nintendogs – 22.27 million
Wii Fit – 21.82 million
Pokémon Red and Blue – 20.08 million
Super Mario World– 20 million (Bundled)

Cwalat3341d ago

In my eyes.. the game itself has sold 0...

It's the Wii that has sold 50 million.. the game was just given free of charge from Nintendo, so how people can say Wii sports itself sold 50 million is beyond me.

DLA2K93340d ago

Its not a sale if the game comes with the damn system.... Nintendo is the master of this....Super mario bros came with some NES(s) Super Mario World came with some SNES(S)......

i bet if Gran Turismo 3 came with every PS2, its sales would be over 100 million!!!! You cant count it as "sold" when you HAVE to get it with EVERY system sold.... Ignorance is bliss

N4g_null3340d ago

To the people saying it did not sell as much remember most people don't buy a system based on promises like the HD gamers. people bough these games because they wanted them. give wii fit and resort some time and they will be on that list also.

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Ateeq3341d ago

Exactly. and Wii has sold the same probably.


its not really fare to count Wii Sports sales as its bundled with nearly every Wii, they don't count demos sownload numbers which is basically what Wii Sports is, a free demo disc.

Tripl3seis3341d ago

Jesus WTF? that's alot of copies sold jesus.

Sonyslave33341d ago

damn best selling game of all time

ThatCanadianGuy3341d ago

So, clearly, it's better than every game on 360 right?

You know, how i always see you parading around saying Halo is so great because of it's sales.

Surely you're not a hypocrite, right?

IdleLeeSiuLung3341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

If you are to compare games sales, you really have to look at the same genre and who you are targeting not to mention Wii Sports are included with many Wiis.

Let's compare KZ2 sales to Halo 3/CoD... They are in the same genre, targeting the same consumers and at the time of release probably had the same number of consoles available. Now that is a more fair comparison not to mention meaningless since whatever you argue it is what is.

Finally, why are bringing in a your own console bias (and war) into a news posting that is unrelated. Leave your fanboism at home!

sack_boi3341d ago

geez you fanboyz turn EVERY thing into system wars.

RockmanII73341d ago

Open zone is over there ----------->

N4g_null3340d ago

ThatCanadianguy420 don't bring up the HD guys. Why because if their consoles don't not sell as many copies as wii sports then they will truly be failures. Lets see buzz and those rare games did pretty bad, and sony has what? The consumer has spoken... just the way the PS brand brought in new gamers that could not afford a PS3 now the wii is bring in new gamers, deal with it and it is solely because of those games too.

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