Signs Are Pointing to a Slim Future

PSInsider writes: New information sheds new light on the rumors of a slim PS3. Details inside.

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fr0sty3337d ago

Considering the amazing gaming lineup PS3 has this and next year, if they drop the price to $300 by christmas and release a slim unit, the 360 will be in trouble. Some of sony's biggest heavy hitters like gran turismo, god of war, uncharted 2, last guardian, mag, etc. are still on the horizon, wheras 360 doesn't have quite as many high profile games on the way. ODST will certainly make waves, but not as much as a true "halo 4" would. That, and the slim PS3's will fare a lot better with japanese consumers who have smaller living rooms with less room for massive, monolithic entertainment devices like the current PS3, or the 360 for that matter. having a smaller form factor and reduced price will come as a double whammy for them, so I expect sales in japan do increase quite a lot, especially around the time of FF13's (exclusive over there) launch.

presto7173337d ago

then I prefer the way the phat one looks. But I think that what's more important is the price. If the slim comes (and I'm thinking it will) but without a price cut, then I fear it wont sell as well. Think about it. To those who STILL feel the ps3 is too expensive, what difference would it make that its slim or phat, if the price remains the same.

I look forward to a price cut. That way, more people can get ps3s. More people getting ps3 means more people playing on PSN. Now that would be nice.

fr0sty3337d ago

I doubt those pics were real. It's possible that they could have been an early production model before the look was finalized, but i'm more inclined to believe that they are just cheap knockoffs. the contracts being signed and such by the manufacturers to make ps3 slim AFTER those pics leaked out is further support to that, as why would they make the systems before signing the contract?

we all know sony likes to make sexy machines... all of their previous systems have looked awesome, and i expect this one to as well.

presto7173337d ago

You're right on that one. AGREED.

Johnny Rotten3337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

I worked as a Plastic Injection Mold Maker for 11 years and for companies to have prototypes of their future product a year or two is usually the norm. That's why the you only see little changes in you standard cars every year then you end up seeing a major overhaul a few years later.

Prototype molds are done fast and usually made out of aluminum because it's cheap.A prototype mold will/can be done 2 years ahead of time, it's just something quick so they can try it out, redesign it, and make changes for the next year or 2 when it's due.

TheWretched3337d ago

I still am not sure if those pics where real or not...

One thing threw me off though. The typeface of the "PS3" on the console... It was neither "Spidey" font, nor PSP or PS2 font (it was PS2 font with round edges, more or less, which looked off).

Thus, my verdict then was "fake until further investigation".

Blaze9293337d ago

I think a PS3 slim is highly likely now. I mean with all these rumors that pop up like everyday it has to be. As for the pics we seen, i don't think they are real. 70% production cost down could mean that are for sure getting cheaper parts and maybe smaller ones to that could go in a slim. Maybe by March? God of War 3 bundle anyone?

TheWretched3337d ago

Yup, the german Amazon listing (which is legit, but probably not correct though) made it look real. It also followed the same "naming" scheme as the other PS3s at Amazon Germany. (Yeah, I am german, so I know what I am talking about :P)

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sunil3337d ago

From article "Recently Sony stated in a conference call that the PS3 was on schedule for it's price reduction"

Didnt they just say they are on schedule for cost reduction?

fr0sty3337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

I updated the article to make it a bit more clear, though the following sentance "meaning they have reduced the manufacturing cost of the system in line with their estimates on where it should be by now" already clarified that I meant I was talking about the production price.

Mikey Mike3337d ago

A slim would be possible, however why invest money in research and development for a slim unit. Even if they use a smaller CPU, they still have to design a new mother board, heat sinks, and power supply. The PSP was redesigned with piracy in mind, slimming down a PS3 at this early stage is ridiculous. All SONY has to do is drop the price to 299.99 for a forty gig model and they will dominate. If they took a chance and dropped it to 259.99, XBOX will be a memory.

fr0sty3337d ago

I never once said it wasn't speculation.

As for why make a slim? Why did they do it with PS2? Why did they do it with PS1? Cost.

As they shrink components, moving them into a smaller chassis helps to eliminate production cost. It also makes it more appealing to consumers (especially the japanese) because it fits into the entertainment center easier.

Sony didn't "need" to shrink the PS2, it was already sitting on top of the world (as was the PS1), but they did it anyway. now they have sluggish sales and do have a need for a cheaper system. making it smaller further reduces those costs (shipping costs per pound, and ps3 is currently about 10 pounds). So, it only makes sense for sony to look into a slimline ps3.

also keep in mind that much of PS3's research and development is already done. They already have the blueprints for the next revision of cell in place (32nm) and have since before PS3 launched, so what makes you think that they didn't already plan for this all along, and designed the motherboard early on, waiting for component prices to hit the right point before actually rolling out the slim unit?

Johnny Rotten3337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

I doubt a PS3 will be $300 for this holiday season mainly because the PSP Go is going for $250.

edit: I completely agree but $300 sounds like too much. $250 maybe but I doubt $300.

fr0sty3337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

A completely different piece of hardware (with an additional 16gb's of memory thrown in) has absolutely nothing to do with ps3 or when it will get a price cut. sony's sales are slumping in this terrible economy, and they know the best way to beat that is by making their console more affordable.

fr0sty3337d ago

keep in mind the comments about the new model costing 70% less than the original, and the fact that their last price cut was by $100.

semifreak3337d ago

'Slim' is coming? It is inevitable. Are those the real pics? Fat chance.