10 Xbox 360 Games You Must Own

Gary of writes:

"If you're still playing games from last Gen, or find yourself unsure of what to buy for your Next Gen console at this point then look no further! A few of our Broke Gamer writers are joining forces to compile a list of 10 games that you must own; one writer per console.

Today we cover the Xbox 360"

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PotNoodle3307d ago

Own 6 of them, though not all on 360.

Street fighter 4 for PS3
GTAIV for PS3 and 360 - have the lost and damned DLC too
Oblivion for PS3

Played N+, didn't really like it, its basically a flash game.

2, 3 and 5 i don't own and have not played.

Cenobia3307d ago

Are his comments about SF4 on the PS3 accurate? I don't own it, but "the online community is on the 360" kind of felt like a cop out.

Also, N+ and Alien Hominid aren't good choices imo. They are on other platforms and I think N+ would be better on a portable (it seems like an on the go type of game). Alien Hominid is just a PS2 game to me, but I don't know what they added for the HD version.

PotNoodle3307d ago

Yeah that is completely false, infact. It actually favours the PS3 version, all the big fighting game community's have the majority on the PS3 version over the 360 version.

CoxMulder3306d ago

Article regarding Oblivion:

"The title also hit the Playstation 3, but that version of the game has all sorts of programming problems"

ehm.. programming problems?? Like what? Ps3 version looks graphically better and runs smoother overall, as far as I've experienced..

Myst3307d ago (Edited 3307d ago )

How can you have this and not list Lost Odyssey? I mean that was pretty much the first game I ever got for it. Though their are a few noticeable nice editions to this list. I've even picked up Last Remnant and have been enjoying it thus far as well, though still not as high as Lost Odyssey.

Star Ocean IV and Tales of Vesperia I'll probably end up getting at some point. May not be for this system though it all very much depends.

-MD-3307d ago

I own 4 of them, Sold 1 (oblivion), and rented Tales of Vesperia.

Is Star Ocean really that good? I've been hearing negative thing but it's on my gamefly queue.

Sunny_D3307d ago

I can't believe they listed Star Ocean 4, but not Lost Oddysey.. I'd say that's a much better JRPG.

-MD-3307d ago

I'm currently playing LO actually.

The disagrees I get are hilarious.

RockmanII73307d ago

guess people don't like lost Oddysey. But seriously, why is N+ on that list? I've played it on my computer for free so many times why would I need to buy it. I think it should be replaced by Bioshock, CoD4, or Mass Effect.

KILL-ALL-CURE3307d ago

Halo 3
Gears 2

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TheCagyDies3307d ago (Edited 3307d ago )

Star Ocean higher than Halo and Gears???

No Mass Effect?
No Forza?
No Crackdown?
No Dead Rising?
No Left 4 Dead?
No Lost Odyssey?


The author and I are completely two different people with different tastes...

IdleLeeSiuLung3307d ago

I agree. There are far many more high profiled and well respected games, but then again it is simply a different taste.

I would add Ninja Gaiden 2 to that list. My personal favorite of ALL TIME!!!


same games i said was missin too

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