Analyst Michael Pachter Expects More Delays, Industry To Mimic Hollywood

G4 writes:

"Dark Void is not the last game to be delayed, according to Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst Michael Pachter, speaking to me on the phone after Capcom announced the latest casualty of delay-a-thon 2009. Pachter pointed to a number of factors involved in these ongoing delays, including lessons the industry is learning the hard way, ones he expects will soon become permanent.

The hype behind expensive music games The Beatles: Rock Band and DJ Hero, games that will subtract more than a $60 disc from wallets, means one less purchase for many. These are pricey releases many people already have their heart set on. Plus, there's the Modern Warfare 2 effect."

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BlackIceJoe3185d ago

I would love to see more games being released out side of the Christmas Holiday season. I have been wanting to buy some new games for some time. But I have to wait until October, November or even September to play some thing new. So if more games start coming out other then those times of the year I will be thrilled.