Electronic Theatre In-depth Review: SEGA Mega-Drive Ultimate Collection

Decap Attack, for example, may well have been considered little more than a slightly-above-average Platform game at the time of it's original release, following in the footsteps of the likes of Plok and Psycho Fox , however, it's up-tempo pacing and trick-of-the-eye secrets belie it's so-so reputation. The erratic level design, in which only the third stage asks the player to commit a leap of faith at the very beginning, while moving from left-to-right as opposed to the traditional right-to-left, shows a willing to break away from the very well worn 2D Platform template. Comix Zone, too, mixes-up the formula of what is expected of 2D side-scrolling to a great degree, with perhaps one of the smartest interpretations of comic book convention outside of its source material.

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