Sega announces June sales data for Virtua Tennis 2009 and The Conduit

Sega revealed sales data for two of their titles, Virtua Tennis 2009 and The Conduit, in their quarterly earnings report.

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Product3306d ago

150,000 copies in June alone is pretty good imo.

Gr813306d ago

Actually Product, I'd say damned good, the game came out June 26th, so in four days it sold 150k? In the dead of summer?

ChickeyCantor3306d ago

But its still a flop!
I didn't play the game nor did i even look for the pieces that tell the story so its generic its a FLOP

T_T if only my Disc reader was cry =(.

evrfighter3305d ago

I dl'd it for pc....I played it for 10 minutes...No high end PC can make it Virtua Tennis 2009....

This is Virtua Tennis 2005

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somekindofmike3306d ago

Good sales!!! I wish sega all the best in becoming a major developer / publisher again, so they can fund Shenmue 3!

interrergator3306d ago

tell u the truth im enjoyin the hell out of it its really fun for a fps wii game though i keep seeing the same guys everytime but its enjoyable

N4g_null3305d ago

You are seeing the same guys because they are on your level. It really does seem like they match you to your skill level which is what made mario kart really fun.

Shnazzyone3306d ago

Almost time for july numbers, I imagine it will do just fine. It may not be best selling game of the year but how many 7-8 scored games sell that many? In the end, the beauty of developing games for wii is most companies can make their money back with a profit when 500,000 units are sold. If they sold over 100,000 in under 4 days then in theory they should have no problem making the 1/2 million mark. Last i checked Conduit was a low budget title to begin with. so Guess what?... thankfully for wii owners.. this is one hardcore title that sold. Maybe we'll see some more.

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