Shu Yoshida: "I almost feel like we're in the launch year of the Playstation 3..."

In the September issue of Playstation The Official Magazine, Sony's President of Worldwide Studios made time to answer some questions, from the oft mentioned 10-year cycle, to the importance of Gran Turismo making it's debut on the PSP.

PTOM: as we sit here three years into a 10-year cycle, what's your overall feel of what's been achieved so far, and are we where you envisioned we'd be at this point?

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DragonWarrior_43343d ago

Yeah, I feel the playstation 3 has been in a beta more then anything. They need to seriously work on the networking integration, we need cross game chat.

Greywulf3343d ago

.."in terms of how we can differentiate it from the last generation, we’re still at the starting point and we’re still adding to our install base as and we’re looking to expand our user base. And we just added the motion controller to help broaden our reach.”

Trollimite3342d ago

exactly! whoever disagreed with you is an idiot!

umair_s513342d ago

What he means is the PS3 has still got to see a ton of more things, were still only scratching the surface here in terms of the true potential of the console.

lociefer3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

a respectful man, not like that other guy that bashes sony / ps3 everytime he gets a chance, wut was his name again ? somethin with green

Etseix3342d ago

@ the enemy


thx for the info ;]

ontopic: so... this means the PS3 is JUST about to start to show all the people of what is able to do? o____o'

no comments.. this.. is.. amazing!

JL3342d ago

I feel this way too, just like Yoshida says here. It's like we're still in the launch/early adopter stage of the PS3. Hell, quite honestly, it pretty much feels that way for all of the "next gen" generation. What with the recession and all it just seems like this gen hasn't really kicked off like it should have. Sort of lagging behind (hence you hear all sides talking about how this generation will last much longer, etc). I expect this generation (and really the PS3) to start snowballing starting this fall and holiday season, and next year as well. I think this holiday and next year (or whenever GT5 hits maybe) is when we'll really start to get out of this "hardcore/early adopter" kind of state.

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Sonyslave33342d ago

lol i thought 2008 was the year of the ps3 that what Jack Tretton said at E3 08.

Poopface the 2nd3342d ago

2007 was the year of the ps3.

mfwahwah3342d ago

You haven't realized it yet? EVERY year is the year of the PS3.

Poopface the 2nd3342d ago

no year will ever be the "year of the PS3" when it keeps failing.

sak5003342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

"I almost feel like we're in the launch year of the Playstation 3...""

Translation: Because the current sales figures are ones which we were expecting in the 1st year.

Pretty dismal reply btw since almost 3 years in and they haven't even crossed its teething problems.

doctorstrange3342d ago

basically the PS3 is finally stable, it has a good library, the network is massive, great and filled with services, and developers have got to grips with the machine. Therefore the PS3 has now truly distinguished itself from the last generation, and can now continue to improve itself.

3342d ago
Unicron3342d ago


SALES make teh gamez bettar! ZOMG 24 milliun sold am flop!

God, you guys are great for a laugh. Keep it up. I have never seen such a hardcore generation of armchair analysts who care more about sales figures than playing games. So sad.

thereapersson3342d ago

And look! They're doing what they do best -- slamming the disagree button in hopes that our comments will go away!

rhood0223342d ago

Hey! Way to not even read or cite the rest of the quote.

*thumbs up*

skatezero2463341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

I can't wait to see how you respond/try to spin the artilces that come after the ps3 slim & price drop happen... you don't have long to wait because it's going to happen before this year is up.

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The_Zeitgeist3342d ago

Be a gamer first and a sales whore last!

onijutsu3342d ago

but i don't want to be a sales whore at all...

shutupandplay3342d ago

I agree, for the most part, since launch, the ps3 has sucked fairly consistently.

ZOMBIEMAN13342d ago

yeah i bet you feel that way you and every fanboy

Obama3342d ago

You suck Ballmer's wang fairly consistently that's for sure.

DelbertGrady3342d ago

Good one!!!


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