First 10 minutes of Batman: Arkham Asylum

Watch the first 10 minutes of Batman: Arkham Asylum.

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Milky3337d ago

hmmm, I hope it doesn't dissapoint like Ghostbusters. Looks good but will wait for reviews before I decide to get it or not.

LtSkittles3337d ago

I think the reviews are good so far, but it depends how you like the game.

Cwalat3337d ago

Couldn't resist... and wow.. i'm totally blown away by the level of detail and great writing... not to mention the awesome graphics.

The ONLY thing i'm a bit worried over, is the quantity.. i have no clue how long/short it will be.

I hope it's well over 12 hours... if it is, then there's no doubt that i'll buy it first day.

Sanzee3337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

"I've got your scent Batman, I'm going to hunt you down!" RAWR. I are teh best video game writer eva. I are super cool. I are best Batman game ever. Oh God, forgive the script-writers behind this game. The graphical detail is so impressive, but the writing is unforgivable. Their raping Batman. Like Micheal Bay raped Transformers 2. Don't let my comment ruin your day. Opinions matter, but the truth will be out shortly. Non-bribed Review Scores coming soon!

JokesOnYou3336d ago

That was freaking great....I think fans like me will love it. I lol so hard when he said "the jokes on you" line. Jokers the man.


Cenobia3336d ago

I don't have the bandwidth to watch this, so can someone confirm that this isn't free roam...forever crushing my hopes and dreams?


Open World Batman would have been epic.

LtSkittles3336d ago

It's open world in a sense. You can go anywhere on the island after you beat the game.

beavis4play3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

everything about the game has me hooked. i hope the gameplay is just as good as the trailer i just watched.

i hope there's a demo.

JL3336d ago

This is looking like it could be awesome. I'll definitely be picking this up this month. Can't wait to give it a try. I'm especially liking the puzzle stuff and detective aspects integrated in to spice up and vary gameplay.

lol Joker is awesome. I definitely can't wait to see more of him after watching this.

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JayX6663337d ago

i dont understand why people use reviews, it comes down to taste. Too human was awsome to me,its like a modern day diablo, but reviewers hated it, i will therefore purchase games if they appeal to me like this. First day buy!

Saaking3336d ago

I watch gameplay videos and read some reviews to decide if I should buy a game. Of course in the end it's entirely my opinion and sometimes I'll buy games just on my gut feeling, but having reviews helps especially considering that $60 dollars is no money you can just throw away. I agree that people shouldn't base their own opinion on reviews but rather use them to decide whether or not the game is their type and if it's enjoyable.

ian723337d ago

I think I will be getting this also. Looks interesting and good to play. Will read some reviews first just to see what its like.

kewlkat0073337d ago

I miss the old-school beatem ups...

They have come a long way since climbing that bell tower on the NES.

redDevil873337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

hope Mr.Freeze is in this. It would make an epic boss fight. People need a new image of the real Mr. Freeze. Not the one Arnie done lol

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