Goodbye Neo - The Matrix Online Ends Today writes: "...Be that as it may, today marks the end of the game. You can download the game (ZIP) and play this last day for free, taking place in the End of the World Event which will run from Noon to Midnight, PDT. Characters will be granted a ton of creds to spend as well as be promoted to the level cap in order to fully-participate in the festivities..."

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Elven63343d ago

More and more people especially for these MMO's unable to sustain themselves with a small userbase need to adopt free to play models. Ads and premium items will ensure more profitability than a game like this has seen in a long time.

Since Free Realms is off to a great start for Sony, hopefully they will adopt that model instead of just killing the MMO off entirely.

Chubear3343d ago

Sony's MMO model is brilliant. When people don't feel forced to spend money they feel more secure and can relax and enjoy a game. The more they play and enjoy the game, the more the get into it and purchase certain items or themes for it.

After a 2-5 year span, when you look back at it, people (even those who wouldn't have played an MMO cause of monthly costs) end up spending a decent amount on the game.

I wonder if they have any plans for some other installation.

Elven63342d ago

Not exactly, companies like Acclaim Games have made millions from a free to play model. Those that don't want to buy content just sit through a ad during load screens.

I think the license will revert back to Warner so any future games they want to make in the series will probably have to be negotiated with Warner.

Sarick3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

There are companies that fight to the end then there are ones that literally tell customers to run through loopholes to continue service for their online.

I sincerely feel bad for anyone supporting this game and seeing it go under. My first MMO was Sierras "The Realm" and I built my character up after several years after which a level cap was introduced that literally would level drain me over 120 lvls. I decided to quit at that time and leave with the highest level character on the game because I decided to not preform actions that would de-lvl me such as gaining or losing exp.

Hard to believe this game is still running strong as a subscription service. They're still making updates etc. So seeing this is unnerving. Then I look at Square Enix approach and gag with anger.

Total destruction to their customer base on a level unheard of with little or no NEWS articles about how poor Square Enix deals with customers and loyalty. At least this company tried and failed. I don't know if support was a concern but at least they tried to keep that MMO going.

I have a feeling the next FF online will only be worse and follow the same direction as this MMO if these floods of complaints continue.

NotSoSilentBob3343d ago

As I've said before this was a great game, but to follow, you had to be HARDCORE on it 24/7 to keep with the story lines. I enjoyed my time on this game for simple reason 1 character and you were able to do EVERYTHING. you could load your abilites and change them if you go into a mission where they didnt fit.
But the game went down hill when SOE took it over and started removing the Admins and replacing them with CSRs who would ban for the dumbest reason. I got banned for "Abusing the bug reporting system" I reported over 2000 bugs in a week and they hated me for that. Ohh well RIP MXO

Chubear3343d ago

It was going down hill WAYYYY b4 SOE took over.

DevilsJoker3343d ago

Your last comment was saying SOE's MMO model was amazing.
The next was saying SOE were given a lost cause anyway.

Are you employed by SOE Mr chubear?

3343d ago
Cajun Chicken3343d ago

It'll all start again, reboot, just like the film.

noxeven3343d ago

this sucks now i wish when the transfer occured i moved my account oh wait I did try and soe said to bad >< I loved this game at launch had the best emotes ever oh well maybe the emulator will get released now. To bad i cant hop on went and got my old cdkey and everything and soe said no new accounts boo.

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