'World of Warcraft' Trial of the Champion Guide

A new guide on how to beat the upcoming 5-man dungeon, Trial of the Champion, in The Crusader's Coliseum in "World of Warcraft" patch 3.2.

HP for enemies, tactics on how to defeat them, and what kind of drops you can get are all covered.

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Coyotegrey3129d ago

the phatter the better.

I hope some of this is BOE.

iheartdestr0y3129d ago

Pfft, not a WoW fan at all.

ahnonamis3129d ago

I used to play it, but I stopped around level 30 when I realized it wasn't nearly as good as people made it seem.

cain1413129d ago

I've never liked WoW either...

TheCompetition2323129d ago

fuk wow shyt suks major balls

3129d ago