IncGamers - Batman: Arkham Asylum [360] Preview

Paul Younger gives his impressions of Batman: Arkham Asylum.

"With the amount of attention Arkham Asylum's been getting, it was on my list of things that I simply had to try out at E3. It looks amazing from the trailers and walkthrough vids, but, as we all know, trailers and walkthrough videos lie (or at least aren't always indicative of the truth.) Is there reason for this concern? Yes and no."

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Leord3337d ago

"Yes and no". I am so tired of greyscales. I find that as I get older, I want things more black and white :P

AndyA3337d ago

Really impressed by the trailers I've seen.

Fyzzu3337d ago

This looks gooood. I want it so.

Maticus3337d ago

Hmm, interesting. Still want to try it though.