Select/Start Games Review: Fat Princess

Select/Start Games Writes: "It is pretty rare that I fall in love with a game before I even get my hands on it, and even rarer when the game plays and feels exactly how I imagined it would feel when I finally did get my hands on it. Fat Princess is such a game."

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Pennywise3271d ago

Must buy for anyone who loves multiplayer, strategy, and has a good sense of humor!

Figboy3271d ago

i love it.

i'm amazed at how it played exactly like i thought it would based off of the game videos.

some games, you see the video, and then get the game in your hands, and it's nothing like you thought it would (inFAMOUS is that way. the videos of gameplay don't really do the game credit, despite how cool those vids are. playing it is a very different, and awesome experience).

FP is just pure fun, and humor.

i was disappointed that there was no split screen so me and my wife could play.