PS3 Releases for August 2009

Games releasing in August for the PS3, hit the jump to see the list, dates are subject to change.

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talltony3304d ago

Batman wit exclusive joker!!!! I'm so getting it.

Roper3163304d ago

I was gonna get Wolfenstein day 1 but have decided to wait and pick it up used because it is published by Activision. So I will get it around the end of the month when the store or Amazon has some used copies.

raztad3304d ago (Edited 3304d ago )

Good idea :D but I dont plan to get any Activision game LOL.

Pixel Junk:Shooter will probably be my purchase, I want to support creativity/out of the box thinking.

I was thinking about Batman:AA but I'm gonna wait for reviews, and if it does well, I'll get it when some money to spare is available.

OtherWhiteMeat3304d ago

It's Wolfenstein for me also................kind of hoped for a pre-order deal. Come on Amazon throw me a bone!

Nitrowolf23304d ago

capcom vs marvel and batman those are my choices

Bnet3433304d ago

I'll just be getting MvC2. Batman isn't worth $60 and even if it was cheap, I still wouldn't buy it.

gaffyh3304d ago

I personally think that Batman will be the best game released this month.

NegativeCreep4273304d ago (Edited 3304d ago )

Where's that little clown Murderdolls and his slave Soda Popzitsky now talking their 360 multi-platform superiority bullsh*t!

iNFAMOUZ13304d ago

like mostly every other multi

FlipMode3304d ago

you obviously must

be still living in 2008

but as of right now ps3 multiplats are


you think it was gonna be like that forever?

typical bot clings onto stupid arguments

A_Little_Girl3304d ago

theirs more ps3 games coming out on august, he only selected afew he's looking forward to

lalalala3304d ago

What else is coming? I'm pretty sure these are the only games that are confirmed to be coming out in August.

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