Gaming exec calls for videogame price hike

Sony's former European President thinks the average cost of a blockbuster videogame should rise to £70 ($115/€82).

Only a price jump would ensure a continued supply of groundbreaking games, according to Chris Deering, who noted the huge increase in development costs in recent years.

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JOLLY13304d ago

Holy hell that is expensive. I am glad I live in the US.

riddlesticks3304d ago


Modern Warfare 2 - - $59.99 (that is £35.89)

Modern Warfare 2 - - £44.96

That's a difference of almost £10 ($16.71). Ridiculous.

Trollimite3304d ago

so shall the piracy rate!

raise the prices if you dare!

IdleLeeSiuLung3304d ago (Edited 3304d ago )

How much does it cost you to buy:

a) cheese in the store per pound
b) candy bar, Snickers?
c) gasoline
d) computers

My point being, everything in the UK is considerably more expensive than the US. The living standard in the UK is higher, you get better consumer protection laws, your minimum wages are higher and thus your taxes will be higher and your prices too.

If you don't like it, pick it up with your local government officials.

I don't mean to pick on you, but far too often I see these comparisons and it is unfair to US citizens. We don't see it as £10 or about $15 bucks saving compared to UK, because for one our wages don't scale the same way.

To us $1 = approx. £1-0.8 in buying power and that is what matters. Buying Power not a dollar to some x currency.

darthv723304d ago

for someone to trade them in to places like gamestop. Sure I am a cheap gamer when it comes to some titles and others I WILL buy at full price when released (God War 3 and ODST). If the future of digital download comes to effect then kiss goodbuye the option of buying second hand.

I recall this happening back in the gen/snes days and even the ps1/sat days. If these companies want to sell games and make $$ then they need to keep the retail value low otherwise piracy will be the only thing increasing.

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Pennywise3304d ago

I quit smoking when the price got to the point I thought was too much. Dont make me do this with games!

GiantEnemyCrab3304d ago

No no this is Sony talking(ex) you will work 2 jobs for it! And you will like it!

cmrbe3304d ago

However your fellow friends at xboxist said that raising the price is good.

Dark_Overlord3304d ago

games are already expensive enough as they are, I have NEVER payed more than £39.99 for a game, and I will stick to not paying more than that (for the time being anyway)

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