Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep characters list

Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep will have a 10+ character cast. It is the first game in the series for the PlayStation Portable handheld system. VGB has compiled a list of characters revealed by Square Enix.

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Rockxy3341d ago

I really hate the name of this game, every time I hear Birth by Sleep, I think of Micky Mouse with his legs spread wide open giving berth to a little Emo looser : ))))

TotalPS3Fanboy3341d ago

with titles and titles coming in like this. Keeps getting more and more tempting.

I am going to have to give in to the PSPGo.

tunaks13341d ago

or you could get a slim psp

iamtehpwn3341d ago

I hope this game has as much content as Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix.

If you like to dive into Side Quests and depth, the game is 40 to 60 hours, far longer then the original.

Digitaldude3341d ago

You dont need a psp go to play these..

A_Little_Girl3341d ago

its exclusive to pspgo, of course youll need a psp go to play this game

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mt3341d ago

i wish it comes out soon .

Supa3341d ago

Late 2010 would be my best guess. :(

KH DS this year, KH PSP next year.

X3341d ago

The kingdom hearts series is one i've enjoyed very much so far and look forward to adding this and 358/2 days to my library.

FantasyStar3341d ago

Why are Square-Enix going through with this? Kingdom Hearts is suppose to be some playful RPG with Disney-SE characters in a happy place. The direction they're taking with the Kingdom Hearts franchise is sickening. You can't take a balloon and draw a serious face on it and expect people not to laugh.

Robert223883341d ago

Clearly you have never played a KH game, especially II. or a FF game for that matter.

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