PlayStation 3 Console Used to Rob Unlucky Sony Fanboy

AllAboutTheGames writes:

"Steven Glass of Miami, was this week arrested for the robbery of fellow gamer. Glass used the console in a ruse orchestrated through the popular classifieds website Craigslist."

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Natsu X FairyTail3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

lmao ,Dont get caught slippin!

shingo3336d ago

that's how alluring the ps3 is ;)

let's be friends ppl, don't disagree with my post lol ^_^

joydestroy3336d ago

haha oh jeez. just about every week you hear about something similar to this happen. guess people will never learn.

Sillyace923336d ago

That makes the victim a Fanboy how?

callahan093336d ago

Yeah, I was wondering the same thing. He wants to buy a PS3 and now he's a Sony Fanboy? Seems like an unnecessary thing to put in the story.

Dead_Cell3336d ago

instantly labels you a fanboy.
Anything Microsoft is a clever purchase and entirely justified.
/Sarcasm off.

DevastationEve3336d ago

It's mutual, you can call anyone a fanboy just for their choice of console.

Xulap3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

According to the article's logic, I'm an ice-cream fanboy because I just bought one.

heroicjanitor3336d ago

The victim doesn't even have a ps3 he never managed to buy it.

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Ninver3336d ago

Hey what can you say? the ps3 just loves attention that sexy b!tch.

danthaman153336d ago

You're bragging about a robbery? lol. just saying, that's kind of silly.

-MD-3336d ago

His avatar is anime, of course anything he says is going to be silly.

Marojado3336d ago

And you're named after a distinctly average band from 2002. What does personal taste have to do with anything?

-MD-3336d ago

I like the name, not the band.

Marojado3336d ago

Maybe he likes the picture, not anime in general.

NegativeCreep4273336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

Is that all you have to offer today? Trying to discredit someone just based on their avatar? So F'n lame! WTF is your avatar about? Some tampon advertisement in The Pennysaver or what?

Marojado3336d ago

His avatar is Selma Blair. She's most notably in the Hellboy movies and is actually a pretty decent actress.

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Biggunz3336d ago

I guess it didn't have enough fanboy gibberish though.


JD_Shadow3336d ago

Yeah, that was the article I tried to submit that people kept reporting. I deleted it because it was just continuing to be reported with hardly any approvals.

Quite unsure why that one was reported but someone else's from another site gets approved when it's talking about the exact same story.

TotalPS3Fanboy3336d ago

Well, at N4G, an article gotta be biased and flamebait. That's the rule. A straight up article will never get approve.

Saaking3336d ago

He should have used a 360 instead because at least they're not worth anything :)

keysy4203336d ago

he would have only got like 75 bucks it would have only been a

-MD-3336d ago

Sony fans unite! Spin it baby!

Etseix3336d ago

WDF Saaking!??!

he cant do that,use an xbox instead ps3? c mon, if he used an xbox ok, he may be safe, but , wut might happen if, when he turns it on it gets RROD,? he may get angry then come back to the guy and kill him =/
we dont want dead people in here =/

Etseix3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

sry double post :P

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