New Magna Carta 2 Interview

Is Magnacarta 2 guaranteed to be an Xbox 360 exclusive, unlike Tales of Vesperia which has a PlayStation 3 version coming out soon?

Masahiro "Mabi" Knittel, Localization Producer: We have plans for no other platform, at the moment, except for the 360.

How come you decided to build Magnacarta 2 for the Xbox 360 instead of any other console?

At the time when the development team was considering what platform they were going to build the next game on, the 360 was the next-gen platform. This was several years back. The 360 was, essentially, a new platform. It was next-gen, the graphics were superb, and the power of the platform was much more than any of the other consoles out there.

The development team wanted to take this game series in a new direction and felt that with all of the things they wanted to do with the graphics, the epic story, the voice acting, the volume of graphics, sound, AI, and storytelling the next-gen platform was the way to go. So, they decided on the 360 at that time.

Since then the PS3 has come out, but at that time it was a no brainer choice.

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Roper3163303d ago

" at the moment" which means the PS3 version will be announced once the timed exclusive window ends. Take that to the bank like most so called 360 exclusives!

Myst3303d ago

Well if it does come out for the PS3 later on down the line I'll more than likely get it for that, as for now I'll go with the 360. Sad no Japanese voice-overs, but oh well as long as the game is fun.