Pushing Buttons: Supply and demands about Left 4 Dead 2

An article about Valve's release of Left 4 Dead 2 as well as the economics behind this controversial release. From the article, "Left 4 Dead 2 will hit shelves this November, come hell or high water. It'll have the usual $60 price tag, and you'll either buy it or you won't. So let those who choose differently from you live in peace–it's not like you'll have to play against them."

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Pandamobile3277d ago

L4D2 on Steam will be $45 if you preorder.

Lot better than $60 plus tax for the 360 version.

sunil3276d ago

FFXI came out in 2003 the next online installment is coming out in 2010-2011 thats about 7-8 yrs after the first game

L4D was pure multiplayer released in 2008 and the next installment is in 2009?? that somehow does not feel right to those who purchased L4D.

Now the MS fanboys will put all sorts of spin on this and claim this is nothing out of the ordinary, but come on... be realistic... this is purely exploiting the 360 & PC install base !

I see nothing different between this and Activisions game + accessories costing more than a 360. Pure examples of corporate greed and ignorant gamer exploitation

Pandamobile3276d ago

Valve have had a long history of their games being few and far between. Now they release a game a year after the first one and all everyone does is complain.

Christ. Give Valve a fricking break. They're one of the best game devs in the world.

NotSoSilentBob3276d ago

Shouldn't be any supply/demand probelms if Valve had actually done the DLC for the original L4D like they said they were going to.