No Added Sugar Hands-on: Heavy Rain aims to redefine videogame storytelling

No Added Sugar goes hands-on with Quantic Dream's PS3 epic- and hears from CEO Guillaume de Fondaumiere why their title is the great white hope for intelligent storytelling in videogames: "Personally, I don't know if videogames should be chasing Hollywood's tail, but there most certainly is a dire need for intelligent storytelling that can inspires emotional responses in the player. To what extent Heavy Rain will bridge the gap between games and movies is impossible to ascertain from a brief demo, but my gut feeling tells me that this should be a significant step towards a more perfect union."

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The Hunter3341d ago

You haven't do that, so there you bubbles go!

OT: Im really excited about it, good graphics!

-Mezzo-3341d ago

Another clueless 360 fanboy.

TheColbertinator3341d ago

Actually ULTIMATE REVENGE is a Sony fan.He just does not like how Heavy Rain plays out

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Natsu X FairyTail3341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

lady in the game looks like olivia from law & order:SVU and the game looks like a cross between CSI:miami(gadgets etc)//criminal minds

which is a full of win combination for a game.

ShabzS3341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

yup mariska hargitay i think right .... from law and order SVU ... love that show ...

anyways guys for more info and detailed gameplay of heavy rain check out the e3 gamespot stage demo : very cool stuff

Jmlopezbr3341d ago

Yeah I know, I thought that the first time I saw her.

This game looks promising

DevastationEve3341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

Bathroom pampering doesn't sound like my kind of game...but to each his own I guess.

It doesn't redefine videogame storytelling, but what I feel it does do is take the world of a videogame and restrict it to making make it play like someone's life. And I say [restricted to life] because videogames that aim THIS MUCH to feel real are kinda defeating the purpose of a game being a game. A good example is in the video where the lady has to put some makeup on...and you're told by the narrator that you can actually FAIL just for not getting it right!? How many other mundane examples can you draw from that...failing to yield at an intersection to oncoming traffic?

See how the rules of real life could make a game feel restricted?

Cinema and gaming have been merging ever since games could have stories and movies could have CGI. It's a collision that has resulted in some truly awesome games. It sounds great as an accomplishment tech and design wise, but the simulation of life or humans in gaming just restricts what you can do if you otherwise had NO rules.

If you had to ask me which naughtydog game I loved more (just for an example), Uncharted or Jak and Daxter I'd say J&D easy. Because although Uncharted did its job at feeling like a movie, J&D did its job of being a game. And that's because they had no rules to keep them from creating the world around J&D as a fun and over the top environment.

Raf1k13341d ago

I don't think you understand this game very well.

It plays like a movie. For example if a female character was to try and get with some guy she'd have more success while looking good. The guy might prefer women with a certain look so in order to get with him the woman would need to make sure she looks the way he likes his women.

That's what I got from the thing about failing if you get the look wrong.

Also, it doesn't stop the progression of the story since there are four characters from what I can remember. So if one was to die or "fail" you can continue playing with the other characters with the story progression and outcome being different.

sniper-squeak3341d ago

I think CoD: MW2 is a game that's close to Hollywood style...

Greywulf3341d ago

So you'd have no idea how the game plays. And how much games like -- wait for it -- Grand Theft Auto do the same things in a contextual way.

If you're looking for the next thing to clobber with your BFG, Quantic Dreams isn't making a game for you. They are making a Movie which is played by you. As others have said, these elements are as important to the game as picking the right armor for a situation. Its a game.

Just stop, go play it. And then people might value the words behind them. If you played it, you'd see its either your cup of tea, and a depart from known gaming. Or you'd hate it. The game tells the story amazingly well, you get multiple perspectives and since you do these simple mundane tasks, you actually get to know the character more than most game genres.

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Natsu X FairyTail3341d ago

lmao all the above comments. great fun

omni_atlas3341d ago

Anyone here played The Last Express? Its another 'real-time' adventure game -- It was created by the guy who did prince of persia; perhaps it has also influenced david cage.

jack_burt0n3341d ago

people can complain about motion controls but this is the one game I want them to have, subtle stuff like the detailed opening doors could actually be immersive with it I am amazed quantic dont see it.

It would also help sales to combine the release.

Natsu X FairyTail3341d ago

might not want to do that with this game.

You seen Silent hill shattered memories( i think thats the title)?

the game looks good for a wii title and the motion control seem to be a little bit fun but the game looks like a mess all over because of the Controls. It's a double edged sword.

Fishy Fingers3341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

David Cage (head of QD) is not a fan of motion controls at all. To be fair, "subtle stuff" you could probably get away with using the sixaxis for. Maybe they'll use that in some way.

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